Pizza machine for fast food faster

by:Hommy     2020-07-17
The streets of New York will appear a pizza vending machine, customers only need to press a few buttons, you can get hot pizza now after 90 seconds. Not only that, customers can also watch the machine automatically the process of making a pizza. Vending machines provide white pizza, cheese pizza or Italian sausage pizza for customers to choose. The types of customers choose oneself to like, you can watch how the machine within 90 seconds a dough into 8 inches in diameter ( 0. 2 meters) The delicious pizza. Making machine first to press the dough into an 8 inches in diameter size of cake, then squeezed tomato sauce and grated cheese and other ingredients from the nozzle. According to different customer order number, vending machines takes 90 seconds to 210 seconds for pizza. During this period, the production process, customers can watch pizza at the same time, the machine is equipped with a 32 inch flat-panel TV entertainment programs and advertisements for customers to pass the time. Made, the machine will automatically put the pizza in the independent packing box, box with a pizza cutter, napkin and two sauce package.
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