Pizza dough making knowledge: dry out the reason and solve the dough

by:Hommy     2020-07-16
Pizza dough is dry, fluffy, will seriously affect the production efficiency and the effect of baking. After dry dough making, can lead to bread edge cracking, baking dry after taste. Enough fluffy dough, will affect the efficiency of making bread, and after baking color slants white coloring. Reason 1: freezer temperature leads to the temperature of the freezer is too low, lead to inadequate dough fermentation, in this case, the pizza dough would be too rigid, yeast at low temperature can't breed. That cause the rigidity of the dough. How to detect: press the dough, springback too fast or feel stiff fermentation is not sufficient. And after 12 hours after fermentation, the dough size and initial state difference is not big, also represents the fermentation is not sufficient. To adjust: in the freezer ( Or the dough box) Place the thermometer, measure the actual temperature, make the actual environment temperature in 3 - the dough 5 degrees or so as well. Reason 2: production speed in the dough after cutting, should fast knead into type, and put in the dough box sealed preservation, avoid the open. Long time did not seal the dough, due to open to put the dough skin moisture volatilizes, causes that cause skin dry. Solution: a small batch of dough, play '- for example 2KG,1- Two people under the condition of operation, the best 2 - after cutting 3 minutes to knead completely. 3 - Under the condition of 6 kg, 3 - as far as possible Knead 5 minutes to complete. If large quantities of dough, 10 kg or 20 kg, for example, the dough can be a small amount of cutting ( In section put in the dough box seal) Batch production. Reason 3: box sealing problems caused by the dough box because not crisper, may appear leakage in stores, such as untight seal ( Fell deformation, for example, overlapping lax) 。 In this case, we can overlap again after the dough on the box cover plastic wrap. Solution: overlap again after the upper cover plastic wrap and the dough box. Can also check the dough, if the way to the case, we brush on the dough water let it wet, and put back the dough box. After absorbing water, dry dough will become moist and soft. Reason 4: weather problems caused by dry weather conditions also can cause the dough, mainly reflected in qiu dong season two. After and, from the dough, can clearly feel the dough is spring and summer more rough. The truth is not rough dough itself, but due to moisture volatilizes the surface of the dough. Solution: and after the dough if skin dry quickly, we can in the surface wet towels or a small amount of water spray and seal. Problem: fermentation fermented dough fermentation bad summarize knowledge is bad, how to solve? Please follow these steps (1) remove inadequate fermented dough from the freezer, at room temperature. (2) the dough at room temperature up to send to heat up, reach the original ( Not fermentation time state) At least 1 state. 5 - About 2 times the size. (3) will heat up again after the dough back into the freezer, allow it to cool down cooling after use. Note: does not cool the dough is not recommended, because after the dough is too wet, as a result of the surface stick on shoot after meal is not easy to clean, so try to put back into the freezer to cool before use.
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