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Hm25 One Shot Machine For Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt Manufacturer

Hm25 One Shot Machine For Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt Manufacturer

Hm25 One Shot Machine For Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt Manufacturer

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Nack food factory, Winery, Cannery, Commercial catering, Frozen food factory
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One shot ice cream machine

One shot ice cream machine|Product specification|Product Features|Product Advantage



The One shot ice creams available in the market are being processed with the utmost care to add the desired amount of flavours. One shot ice creams do not contain any preservatives. It is only a combination of fruit and other natural flavours. One shot ice creams are being manufactured by using our best quality dairy products to ensure freshness and taste.

Product specification :

The One-Shot machine has changed all the rules for dispensing frozen desserts including ice cream, frozen yogurt ......  One-Shot machine is the real game changer. There is no need to be locked into the legacy of soft serve technology , and you also can reduce the complications of the ice cream factory . The associated sanitizing nightmare, soaring energy costs, variable quality and product integrity and substantial waste will not be a question.


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Product Features:

◆ Inexpensive equipment.

◆ User friendly.

◆ No mess; no cleaning; no waste.

◆ Safe for user.

◆ Fast return on investment on equipment.

◆ use power only 24V . 


The new world of One-Shot machine can help you to combined the profit with

 the product integrity.

Product Advantage:

1. Special cup that made in food grade PE plastic. we have two kind of cup for you to choose HM25-C and HM26-C. HM25-C can only be used once, HM26-C can be used 2-3 times.

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2. This machine use power is 24V, we use Electric adapter to 110V, 220V,240V. 

product-Hommy-HM25 one shot machine-img

3.  The capsules are produced in the factory directly into the machine and pressed out. The operator's hand has not touched the ice cream, so there is no specific requirement for the placement.




Document:product-one-shot ice cream dispenser for sale-Hommy-img-116026420112105.pdf

What happens if you whip buttermilk?

The basic difference between a dairy and non-dairy creamer is that the butterfat in dairy creamer has a melting point of around 56 degrees, which is higher than that of the water in the buttermilk or yogurt. This means that if you whip the creamer, the butterfat will get whipped and won’t separate as long as you beat it for just a few minutes.

How do you blend ice in a blender? 

I've tried several methods, but none of them work quite right. I tried blending ice in the freezer and it just turns into slush. I tried blending ice and then leaving it in the freezer overnight, but then I have to scrape it out the next day and it's too cold. I tried blending ice and then putting it in a blender to make it cold, but I have to add water to the blender to make it work.

What ingredient makes ice cream creamier?

The ice cream or frozen custard base is made up of emulsified fat or cream (either by mixing with water or milk) which is then frozen. It can be of different consistencies, from soft to firm, depending on the fat content and how much air is incorporated during the freezing process.The air helps to give the ice cream its texture and flavour.

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