On the road of innovation and development of Chinese food machinery enterprises

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food, as a necessity for people's life, has received high attention from the public in its quality, quality, types and other aspects, it will certainly drive the all-round development of the entire food industry. Food Machinery is an important guarantee for the development of food industry, which plays a leading role in the development of food industry. The food machinery industry has broad development prospects and great potential in China. China's food machinery industry started late, lacking scientific research means and facilities suitable for technological development and market demand, and scattered technical resources, which led to insufficient technological innovation capability in China's food machinery industry; In terms of product investment, enterprises are competitive only when they invest 5% in research and development, while the average level of food packaging equipment enterprises in China is less than 1%; In terms of technical level, China's food machinery industry is full of food machinery products with low cost, relatively backward technological level and easy manufacturing, A large number of low-level repetitive products hinder the development process and innovation pace of the entire industry. Adhere to independent innovation and pay more attention to creation. China's food machinery industry started late. Although its development speed is higher than that of the food industry, it is still far from meeting the needs. Major key technologies are introduced, digested, absorbed and re-innovated. While we introduce, digest and absorb, and then innovate, we must combine our industrial base and the preferences of the Chinese people for food, to develop core technologies and key and complete sets of equipment with independent intellectual property rights, advanced manufacturing technologies should be used to transform and upgrade traditional industries, creative research and development and improvement in design concept, precision and details of processing technology. Strengthen brand awareness and raise industry awareness. Brand is the soul of an enterprise. If an enterprise manages its own brand well, it must have reliable product quality and establish image marketing publicity. Brand awareness is a kind of management concept. Advanced brand awareness makes enterprises always in the forefront of the market in the competition; And the lag of consciousness on the wasted lost. User's advanced awareness is guided by user's needs. No matter what product, its final consumption target is the vast number of users, who determine the market. As a food machinery manufacturer, it is necessary to establish the user's advanced awareness, enhance the customer's trust and loyalty to the enterprise, and proceed from the actual needs of customers, according to the living standards, population, eating habits and raw material resources of various places, products satisfactory to users are developed and produced. Enhance comprehensive competitiveness with high-quality after-sales service. With the rapid development of information technology, the profit of single product alone can no longer help enterprises to realize the value-added of profits. High-quality after-sales service helps enterprises to establish their corporate image and enhance their comprehensive strength. Enterprises need to know the performance of all products on the entire production line, so that after-sales service will be guaranteed. For the food machinery industry, technology, sales, after-sales and so on are all very important. Only when the products are the same and good after-sales service is ensured can the enterprise be more competitive.
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