Net red species redefines ice cream, Mengniu and

by:Hommy     2020-04-01
In the European and American markets, although the consumption of ice cream has fallen, the consumption is still rising, which means that everyone eats less, but eats more and more expensive and refined. The entire industry is showing a trend of consumption upgrades. Even consumers who eat ice cream have to eat a bit more expensive, such as gelato Gelato and Menglong. According to industry analysis reports, the scale of China's ice cream market has exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming the world's largest market. In 2017, the sales of the five major brands of Yili, Mengniu, Heluxue, Baxi and Nestle occupied the top five in the overall market. These brands have a broad mass base and high visibility are the competitive advantages of these brands. However, with the changes in consumer groups and consumption scenarios, emerging ice cream brands with Internet celebrities may be able to stand out in the fierce market. There is still huge room for growth in the consumer market In the 1990s, when foreign giants and Lu Xue entered the domestic market, China's ice cream industry started with it. After more than 20 years of development, China has now become the world's largest ice cream market. For more than 20 years, children have been the main force of consumption in this industry, and ice cream brands have won the childlike mind. However, in recent years, ice cream has been sought after by more young people, and consumer groups have become more diverse while expanding. In addition, under the empowerment of social functions, ice cream is not only a cold drink to quench the thirst, but also a dessert for more occasions. Whether it is after-meal time at home, or gathering and shopping with friends, whether in summer or winter, ice cream has become the choice of more people. As the market consulting agency Mintel stated in the '2017 China Ice Cream Report', 'Changes in consumer settings have redefined ice cream. It is no longer a substitute for iced drinks, but an enjoyable food that can bring joy and happiness. . ' Although China's total ice cream consumption ranks first in the world, its per capita level is still significantly lower than that of developed countries such as the United States and Switzerland. Data from relevant agencies show that China's per capita consumption of ice cream is 2.5 kg, while Japan's per capita consumption is 4 times that of China, Sweden is 6 times that of China, and the United States is 9 times that of China. This shows that China's ice cream market still has a lot of room for development, and the development of various brands is still unlimited. At the same time, there will be huge changes in the industry in the future. It is too early to say which brand will be able to secure its top spot in the rising period of the industry. Net red species redefines ice cream In terms of market share, the top five Yili, Mengniu, Baxi, Heluxue, and Nestle together accounted for more than 50%, basically becoming national brands. However, this does not mean that these major brands can sit back and relax: On the one hand, brands such as Haagen-Dazs, Guangming, and Meiji have a higher market share in the region and have a rising strength; on the other hand, the Chinese ice cream market has a market share The outstanding features are average, that is to say, there is no strong dominant brand among the five major brands, coupled with the low consumer loyalty, which makes it possible for latecomers to take the lead. Facts have also proved that the old-fashioned ice creams such as Mengniu, Yili, and Lu Xue have a diminished presence in life, and some new products with higher value and healthier ice cream have become the darlings of the market. Mintel's '2017 China Ice Cream Report' shows that 85%, 76% and 65% of consumers surveyed, respectively, are willing to pay for the health, quality and product experience of ice cream. Therefore, those ice cream brands that focus on real materials, natural health and high value, high quality and even unique and peculiar attributes have become the favorite of more consumers. Take this year's popular red bell Zhonggao ice cream as an example. In terms of raw materials, it mainly contains zero addition, low sugar and low fat, and the taste will not be too sweet. In terms of shape, the cake body has a Chinese tile arc shape, which has a minimalist style. Even the ice cream sticks are made of natural straw, which can be degraded with zero pollution and can be described as delicate. Recently, a coconut gray ice cream, relying on its unique taste and color, has swept the Internet. This not only looks at black, After eating, ice cream that turns black on lips and teeth is said to be “first in the country, made from burnt coconut shell ash, and then mixed with coconut flakes, coconut juice, and cream.” Although the price is not low, it has caused consumers Curiosity succeeded in attracting gold. In addition, the ice cream stores blooming everywhere confirm the consumer demand for the upgrade of ice cream product experience. Unlike commercial supermarkets and convenience stores, these uniquely decorated and high-quality ice cream chain stores, like cafes, represent consumers' ideal lifestyle and encourage consumers to sit down and chat with friends. With its fine image and good consumer experience, the popularity of ice cream stores has surpassed traditional retail channels such as supermarkets and convenience stores, changing people's understanding of ice cream and accelerating the 'shuffle' of the ice cream industry.
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