Montana pizza tell you several kinds of pizza plate and the most common network

by:Hommy     2020-07-16
Montana pizza today, tell you, the most common several containers of making pizza. First, pizza pizza pan pizza plate is used for making iron plate used equipment, hot hair and New York type deep dish pizza you need to use the pizza plate production, such as the beatles SaPan usually depth is 2. 4厘米,3。 6厘米,4。 These few 1 cm depth, all can make the iron plate of a conventional hot pizza and deep dish pizza. In making, will be ready to good pizza dough is compressed into a crust, in wearing SaPan brush oil ( Professional called the oil pan) Add pizza pan bread in 35 - 38 degrees temperature circumstances fermentation to standard thickness, cold standby. The second, pizza baking network ( Screen) Pizza baking net is making cold pizza, gold medal the essential equipment of such as pizza, roast for the aluminum mesh structure, usually at the bottom can be uniformly heated, size from 6 - 24 inch has, of course, also have greater some custom specifications, such as 26 or 28 inches, even more than 30 inch baking net. Baking net type of pizza is usually by the dough for cold, making fermented dough bread made pizza shape, in baking online, and even after punching, daub sauce and cheese and toping, baked into the can. Because of the cold pizza pie thinner by hand, so the baking time is relatively shorter. The third, gold medal circle is a special equipment to make gold pizza. Three types of equipment needed to make gold pizza: gold ring; Baking net, On the ring. Place the package edge make good pizza in the baking online ( Pay attention to production is greater than the size of the baking net about 0. 5 - 1厘米) , then grilled net, together with the pizza in the gold ring, put on the middle ring, can be made in accordance with the relevant provisions. Fourth, cheese plate cheese heart plate specification is less, usually in September 13 inches ( Gold ring is also one of the size) 。 Because both gold pizza and cheese pizza, due to problems need package edge, pizza size is too small, so there is no small size. They need to make their heart cheese pizza, will spread out the dough ( Note is stand, not hammer or suppress) To heart with cheese plate of the same size, and then take the cheese rods embedded at the bottom of the plate, will be around the edge. Of course, edge relatively routine is lace ( 12 flower) , and the crown ( 8 - 12 coronary) 。
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