Men fry ice cream with 'mineral water', a price of 7 yuan

by:Hommy     2020-05-19
Although it has entered the winter season, the weather temperature is still extremely high. Xiao Ai still wears short sleeves and shorts every day when he goes out. But having said that, even if I wear so little, I still feel very hot. At this time, I need to buy some ice cream to eat. The ice is cold and tastes super delicious. The ice cream in the supermarket is prepared in advance, and the taste is not so good, so everyone likes those made on site more, so that it is even better. Some time ago, Xiao Ai and her friends went to the food street, and suddenly they saw a man frying ice cream with mineral water, so I shared it with you. First of all, we can see that the man took out a bottle of ordinary mineral water in the box, then unscrewed the lid vigorously, then poured it on the pot, and then kept stirring it with a shovel. With the precipitation of time, the ice cubes instantly got up. I thought it was done like this, but I didn't expect to add other things to it. At this time, pour some yogurt into it, then stir fry it with a shovel, scoop it up and put it in a paper box, and finally you can directly pick it up and eat it. The price of such a fried ice cream is very cheap, and it can be bought for only seven yuan, so it is still quite good. To be honest, buying here is better than going to the supermarket. Since eating this ice cream that time, Xiao Ai has never missed the taste. If she gets off work earlier, she will buy a serving. If you usually like to eat ice cream, you really have to taste it here. After eating, you will find how good the taste is, and you will like this taste. Finally, I would like to remind you that ice cream can be eaten occasionally. If you eat it often, it will easily cause stomach pains and severe colds. For your own health, you must remember Xiao Ai's words. Last interactive topic, what kind of ice cream do you like to eat? Anything you want to say after reading it, please tell Xiao Ai in the comment area.
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