Maintenance methods for common faults of ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2019-12-06

What to do with the ice cream machine freezing cylinder

1: There is a problem with the ratio, the slurry moisture is too much, resulting in the same hardness gear when the cylinder is frozen. Treatment: Stop the Machine and wait for melting to reduce the hardness gear.


2: The difference in the amount of cakes on both sides is too large, and the side with less cakes is prone to frozen cylinders. Treatment: on the side of the cake, put a few into the storage basin with less cake, so that the amount of cake on both sides is basically balanced.


3: After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the freezer is not cleaned.  This situation is also very easy to cause the freezing cylinder. Treatment: Put some of the added materials and pour them back into the storage tank. In this way, the water remaining in the freezing cylinder can be discharged.


4: If you don't make cakes for a long time, and the machine is constantly cooling, it is also easy to cause the phenomenon of freezing the cylinder. Treatment: do not hit the cake for more than 30 minutes, please pause the ice cream machine, or hit some cake body back into the storage basin.


5: There is no material in the material cylinder.  When there is no material in the material cylinder, the material cannot be squeezed out, and the air is poured into the frozen cylinder. Treatment: add raw materials to the cylinder in time.


6: the cleaning machine has the wrong button to add water.  It should be cleaned but pressed into Refrigeration.  This situation will also cause the frozen cylinder. Treatment: change to the cleaning key in time. Note: do not continue the ice cream machine in the frozen cylinder.  Stop the machine in time to find the problem and deal with it. Do not force the discharge valve after freezing the cylinder, which will easily cause the mixer to break. Common failure maintenance of ice cream machine


1.  Phenomenon: The machine does not start.  Possible reason a: The power supply of the equipment is not powered on. Solution: check the power supply. Possible cause B: The cable inside the machine is loose. Solution: fixed by professional electrician inspection. Possible cause c: equipment computer board failure. Solution: call after-sales phone processing.


2.  Phenomenon: possible causes of water leakage and material leakage of the outlet valve a: The sealing ring of the outlet valve is damaged. Solution: replace the sealing ring of the outlet valve. Possible cause B: stem sealing ring is damaged. Solution: replace the stem seal. Possible cause c: The fastening nut is not tightened. Solution: tighten the nut.


3.  Possible causes of water leakage and material leakage of residual material pipe a: The sealing sleeve of the stirrer is damaged. Solution: replace the stirrer seal. Possible cause B: reducer seal is damaged. Solution: call after-sales phone processing.


4.  The ice cream made is too soft.  Possible reason a: The Gear setting is not reasonable. Solution: replace the gear. Possible cause B: the space around the machine is small and the heat dissipation is not good. Solution: leave a suitable space for heat dissipation. Possible cause c: scratch wear. Solution: replace the scraper. Possible cause d: the condenser is too dirty. Solution: Clean the condenser. Possible cause e: Raw material quality problem. Solution: replace the raw materials. Possible cause f: refrigerant leakage. Solution: call after-sales phone processing. Possible cause g: cooling fan failure. Solution: call after-sales phone processing.


5.  The machine is in an automatic state but does not produce materials.  


Possible reason a: The feed inlet is frozen. Solution: Stop the Machine and unfreeze.


Possible cause b: There is no material in the basin. Solution: feeding. Possible cause c: The puffed tube is reversed. Solution: Reinstall the puffing tube.


6, the casing has static electricity, possible reasons: the power cord is not effectively grounded. Solution: The power cord is correctly grounded.                                

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