Life need to pay attention to small details - when using freezer 【 Hommy freezers 】

by:Hommy     2020-07-03
In life we often make such a mistake: out of the freezer hadn't run out of meat, again with a plastic wrap BaoHaoFang back into the freezer. Because most people don't know, have defrost meat probably because there is no good package and lead to its blood flow out, make other food receiving of pollution in the freezer. Place fruit used plastic bags or preservation box seal fruit. To prevent non-perishable food if sauce, salad, beverages, cold storage temperature control in 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃. Vegetables before put in freezer, had better use plastic bags seal up, at the same time to maintain a certain humidity, so that we can keep fresh vegetables, if want to add the vegetables time longer, better to wash vegetables, then placed in a sealed condition. Food is not cooked mix together, in order to keep health. According to the requirements of food storage time, temperature, reasonable use a space in the oven, don't put the food directly on the surface of the evaporator, want a jar, in order to avoid freezing on the evaporator, the inconvenience. Fresh fish, meat, plastic packaging, in the storage compartment. Vegetables and fruits to dry, the surface water into the ice box at the bottom, with above freezing temperature storage advisable. Cannot put bottled liquid beverage in indoor frozen, lest frost crack bottles. Documents should be kept in cold storage boxes or door to 4 ℃ temperature storage for the best. People eat should not eat too full, or intestines and stomach bad to hang on. Freezers frozen food as well as a degree, unfavorable to freezer is too full, otherwise in air circulation, influence refrigeration effect, because the motor working constantly at the same time, greatly increases the power consumption. Therefore, users should moderate use freezer, don't knock freezer too crowded, in addition, it is better to freezer for a clean regularly. Hommy refrigeration equipment is a set design, manufacture, sales and service in one of the professional company. Products are: all kinds of fresh cabinet, display cabinet, freezer, air curtain cabinets, ark of cooked foods, fresh cabinet, refrigerator, etc. , free hotline: 4006300692, the company's web site: https://www. hommy。 Com branch website: http://www. 必应, gui。 com: http://www。 yymcp。 com
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