Large sugar cane juicer

by:Hommy     2020-05-14
Squeezing sugar cane into juice requires a machine called sugar cane juicer. Today, people are often seen selling sugarcane juice outside. They use this kind of machine. The difference is that they use a large one instead of the small one. What is a large sugar cane juicer? How to choose a large sugar cane juicer? Let's take a look below. Large sugar cane juicer Sugarcane juice is sweet and rich in nutrients. It is called the best fruit, can be used in medicine, and has the effect of clearing heat and heat, and moisturizing. Sugar cane is rich in sugar. Among them, glucose and fructose have a sugar content of up to 12%, which is easily absorbed by the body after juice extraction. Therefore, many people like to drink sugar cane juice. Usually, sugarcane juice is required to make sugarcane juice. If you want to sell it to others and earn a certain fee, it is best to buy a large sugar cane juicer. What is the difference between a large sugarcane juicer and a small sugarcane juicer? Although the large sugarcane juicer is not very beautiful in appearance and heavy in volume, it can continuously extract juice without waiting slowly. And it squeezes juice very quickly, and a cup of sugar cane juice can be squeezed out in a few minutes. Long-term use, it is more stable than a small sugar cane juicer, with less noise and longer service life. Nowadays, many people who open restaurants will buy this, because there is no good sugar cane juicer, the juice can not meet the needs of many customers. If you are going to buy a sugar cane juicer, it is best to consider it. But if you want to use it at home, you can buy an ordinary sugar cane juicer. As the saying goes, the right one is the best. The same is true for sugarcane juicers. Choose according to your personal use, usage habits, preferences, economic conditions, and place of use. Try to buy a machine that can be used for a long time Failure or few failures. How to choose a large sugar cane juicer If you want to buy a large juicer, you should pay attention, because it is not available in all places, you must find the right channel, and buy it in the correct way. How to choose a large sugar cane juicer? Teach everyone some skills and hope to help everyone. The sugar cane juicer is carefully designed by the designer, which meets the health ideal of modern people, and can produce fresh and delicious juicer. Usually, the sugar cane juice extracted from it is green and natural, sweet and cool. If you want to buy, first understand its performance, whether it meets its own requirements. Then, to understand all aspects of its information, the general signs are written. Then carefully check its quality, the appearance is beautiful, no damage, no bumps, no cracks, the paint layer is evenly applied. Test it, listen to the amount of noise, and then decide whether to buy it. In addition, you must choose the right type. At present, there are three sugar cane juicers on the market, which are desktop sugar cane juicers, vertical sugar cane juicers, and battery sugar cane juicers. The tabletop sugarcane juicer pressure roller speed is 20 rpm, motor power 750W, output 300kg / h; vertical sugarcane juicer pressure roller speed 26 rpm, motor power 750W, output 300kg / h; battery sugarcane juicer The speed of the press roller is 15 revolutions per minute, the motor power is 250W, and the output is 300kg / h. Compared with the three, each has advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to choose according to their own situation. How to use large sugarcane juicer When buying a large sugarcane juicer, you must master the correct method of use so that you can use it correctly. Otherwise, the juicer is broken, and the cause is found to be caused by its own error. What about the large sugar cane juicer? The following are the key points: before use 1. Check the juicer carefully to avoid damage, otherwise, you will find the problem after you start using it, and you must contact the merchant. 2. Place it in the correct position, not too close to the fire source, too close to the water source, and keep a certain distance from the wall. 3. Prepare fruits and vegetables, clean them, cut them into small pieces or cut sections, install them in pots for use in juicers. Using 1. Put the fruit into the juicer for juice extraction. Remember to turn it on after turning on the power to prevent the fruit residue or juice from flying out. 2. Don't let the children stand aside, because the children may disturb the machine, which is very dangerous. If they are cut by the flying knife, they will go to the hospital for treatment. 3. Don't leave for too long, because the juice is placed in the juice glass for too long, and abnormal situations may occur. How to maintain a large sugar cane juicer Put the large sugarcane juicer in the right place. When you use it normally, in addition to paying more attention, you must learn to maintain it. How to maintain the large sugar cane juicer? The following is the correct maintenance method: 1. Every time you use it, remember to clean it. If you forget it, wash it immediately when you think about it, and don't drag it all the time. This will only make it smell strange. 2. If it is usually found to be dirty, you can wipe the lower surface with a damp cloth, but do not move the position often. Because it is placed properly, it can be used longer. 3. If the sugar cane juicer is broken, it should be taken to a professional store for repair, it is best not to disassemble and repair it by yourself. 4. If it is not used for a long time, it is best not to use it immediately. You should check whether the machine is overloaded to avoid abnormal conditions. 5. If there is excessive noise, low juice yield and severely damaged appearance during use, you can consider buying a new one. Maintenance method of large sugar cane juicer Once a large sugar cane juicer malfunctions, it needs to be repaired in time. If the fault cannot be eliminated, you can find a professional maintenance person. How to repair the large sugar cane juicer? The following is the correct repair process: 1. Identify the problem: The machine is broken, which may be caused by external reasons or internal reasons. If you find the reason, you can deal with it as soon as possible. Usually, the power cord is loose, the motor is damaged, and the knife net is blocked by foreign objects. 2. Seeking a solution: If the juicer is broken and you find the cause of the failure, you will not be able to repair it. You should contact the store maintenance staff as soon as possible. Because they are all professional, have tools and master the correct maintenance knowledge. 3. Power-on test: After the sugarcane juicer is repaired, power on the test to ensure that there is no abnormality during operation, and then restart. 4. Maintain well. Do not switch frequently and do not put hard objects in it. Remember to check and clean regularly to ensure that it operates normally.
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