KIND launches first frozen snack bar

by:Hommy     2020-04-09
The reporter recently learned that the healthy snack food brand KIND has recently launched the new frozen snack bar KIND Frozen for the first time, entering the frozen food field, aiming at improving consumers' more diversified healthy snack options. This new product still continues the main health concept of KIND, without any artificial additives, sugar alcohol and genetically modified ingredients. Is this a bid to Haagen-Dazs, the frozen overlord of ice cream? 1. Snack cross-border ice cream Recently, KIND released the first KIND Frozen frozen snack bar, which is currently only available at Walmart. It is reported that KIND's most popular fans are the dark chocolate almond kernel sea salt flavor, which is based on almond kernel paste, covered with crushed almond kernels, sprinkled with Shanghai salt and dark chocolate sauce. This new product still continues the main health concept of KIND, without any artificial additives, sugar alcohol and genetically modified ingredients. KIND CEO and founder Daniel Lubetzky said that the KIND Frozen flavor was inspired by the dark chocolate nut sea salt nutrition bar that KIND has been selling since 2012. Indeed, from the nutrition label of the two, the ingredients are almost the same, but the sugar content is different. In comparison, KIND Frozen has a higher sugar content, each 49g snack bar contains 10g sugar, which is 6g more sugar than the latter. However, as an innovative product from casual snacks across the border to frozen ice cream, it is still worth looking forward to. It is worth mentioning that KIND's promotion of this new product is an exclusive cooperation with Wal-Mart, which is a wonderful act of mutual benefit and win-win. KIND will have a wide range of channels and customer bases to promote new products, which in turn will attract a lot of new customers to Wal-Mart. According to Wal-Mart's previous exclusive cooperation with Deep Fried, Twinkies and Crotillas, this cooperation will have a positive and profound impact on KIND's brand recognition and loyalty and its influence on Wal-Mart. 2. KIND's innovation never stops KIND Healthy Snacks, founded in 2004, specializes in healthy energy bars with fruits and nuts. According to the Euromonitor report, KIND has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the snack industry, with sales in 2017 reaching $ 718.9 million. In terms of market share, KIND is now the third largest snack bar retailer in the world, behind General Mills' Nature Valley brand and Clif Bar. The achievement of such great achievements is closely related to KIND's never-ending innovation spirit. KIND's founder Daniel Lubetzky has stated that he hopes that KIND will become an approved brand of health food, similar to high-quality packaged foods such as Nabisco and Kraft. At the same time, being able to seize the trend of healthy food, covering all categories from beverages to frozen and frozen foods, is also a commitment of KIND to consumers. In January 2016, KIND successively launched the KIND healthy cereal bar and Breakfast breakfast products. In June 2017, it also launched new fruit snacks, which are specifically targeted at children's food. In April 2018, KIND also launched a special category for children. Lanola Grain Snack Bars continues to expand its line of healthy snack bar products. KIND also attracted the attention and joining of international food giant Mars. At the end of 2017, Mars and KIND announced the establishment of a strategic partnership, acquired part of KIND's equity, and developed KIND into a platform for healthy foods. On the one hand, KIND launched more types of innovative foods, on the other hand, it used its own huge A global distribution network that operates KIND's international business and promotes it to production and sales in China and other countries. 3. Why did you choose to enter the refrigerated and frozen food market? Compared to room temperature snacks, the frozen and frozen food market has been growing vigorously. Among the refrigerated snack bars, PerfectBar takes the lead, and younger brothers OHI, NuttZO, Wella Bar and ProBar are continuing to follow up. Prior to this, Pepsi also launched refrigerated snack bars under the Naked brand, and beverage tycoon Core also launched overnight oat probiotic snack bars. There are plenty of opportunities in the frozen and refrigerated fresh snacks sector. According to the snack industry report released by IRI last week, frozen products were one of the fastest-growing snack categories last year, with sales up 4.1% and unit sales up 2.4% from 2017: Nestle and Blue Bunny are among the best At the same time, dairy and non-dairy brands such as Halo Top, Magnum and My / Mo Mochi ice cream have also contributed to the frozen product sector. Therefore, KIND now has the right time to enter the frozen and frozen food market. On the one hand, such a strong incremental market can provide valuable soil for KIND's rapid growth. On the other hand, there are currently no new zero-food brands involved, and competition pressure is relatively small. One of the new directions for nutrition bars and snack bars in the future is to start from the freshness, and KIND and many brands have clearly realized this and began to lead the trend of refrigerated and frozen snacks. (Further reading: New Trends in Nutrition Bars: Functionality, Taste, Freshness) In addition, refrigerated and frozen foods also cater to the current consumer preference for 'clean labels'. According to David Lockwood, founder of Mintel Innovation Consulting, consumers position natural, additive-free and preservative-free foods to have clean labels, and these products are usually either frozen and refrigerated foods or agricultural products. KIND, as one of the main 'Clean Label' companies, advocates the production of products with simple ingredients and no artificial additives. Last month, KIND launched a 'sweetener-free' program and held a flash event in New York City, highlighting the sugar content of its popular nutrition bars, granolas, etc., and pointed out many brands Use artificial sweeteners on product labels. KIND Senior Marketing Director Jon Lesser said that KIND hopes to find the best balance between health and deliciousness while maintaining the principle of clean labels. In view of the two above-mentioned advantages, it is not difficult to find that KIND chose to take a different approach and explore and innovate in the sub-fields of refrigerated and frozen foods, so as to quickly gain a place in the US 33 billion US snack market. . Lubetzky also pointed out that this time is just a 'small test knife' for KIND to enter the field of refrigerated and frozen food, and consumers will find KIND in more 'unexpected' places in the future. For KIND, the main healthy brand concept has made KIND stand out from the snacks field and gained 10% market share in just five years. However, it should be noted that in the future, as KIND expands rapidly into new areas, the promise of marketing and 'clean labels' will be crucial for maintaining the trust of customers in the brand. About KIND KIND is a snack food brand from the United States. It produces snacks containing nuts, dried fruits and grains. It was launched in China in 2018. There are five products of BE-KIND in China: black chocolate nut sea salt flavor, almond and coconut flavor, caramel almond sea salt flavor, maple sugar walnut sea salt flavor, and cranberry almond flavor.
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