Japan will also taste Russian ice cream after China

by:Hommy     2019-12-07
Russian satellite news agency, Moscow, July 1, Igor giacchenko, general manager of the Russian-Japanese trade and investment company, told the satellite news agency that the company plans to export Russian ice cream to Japan. Russia-Japan trade and investment company has now exported Russian sausages, wines, canned fish and kvass to Japan. When the reporter asked which Russian products the company would introduce to Japan for the first time, giacchenko said: 'For example, ice cream, we are ready to export. He added that Russia-Japan trade and investment company is a large Russian enterprise and a leader in the industry. Russian ice cream has become more and more popular in Southeast Asian markets in recent years, especially among Chinese consumers. China allowed 45 Russian companies to export ice cream to China in April 2019. In June, Russian President Putin presented Russian ice cream as a birthday present to Chinese President Xi Jinping.
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