Is the ice cream machine really dirty?

by:Hommy     2019-12-20
In the past two days, a piece of news that McDonald's cone was very dirty was posted on the Internet. McDonald's official microblog issued a statement saying that in China, the ice cream equipment used in McDonald's restaurants is automatically heated and disinfected regularly every day, and all spare parts are regularly cleaned and disinfected and replaced on time. But consumers still have doubts-- Is such a health standard a hidden rule in the fast food industry? Do other catering companies that use ice cream machines also hide such dirty secrets? In response, Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Taizhou municipal market supervision bureaus immediately arranged to carry out food safety law enforcement inspections for catering units containing ice cream projects. The reporter learned from the Hangzhou municipal market supervision bureau that the local market supervision bureaus have carried out supervision and inspection on McDonald's ice cream machines, and carried out special law enforcement inspections on KFC, Starbucks, DQ and other catering units involved in ice cream sales, focus on the disassembly inspection of the rear groove of the ice cream machine, check the cleaning and disinfection registration records, and obtain relevant video surveillance records. Up to now, the city has supervised and inspected 125 ice cream catering units, and the overall situation is good. No related problems have been found. Similarly, the market supervision department in Taizhou inspected 10 McDonald's, checked the cleaning and disinfection record Ledger, each store did regular disinfection work, and inspected 22 KFC, there were 31 other catering units including ice cream, and no exposure problems were found. The staff of the food and beverage department of the Shaoxing Municipal market supervision bureau said that the ice cream machines used in the eight McDonald's stores in Shaoxing were generally in good condition, and the on-site inspection did not find any mold problems in the stored cream tanks. However, during the inspection process, it was found that the batch number of raw materials for making ice cream in a McDonald's store did not match its purchase bill, and the health certificate of employees in a dessert station was not on the wall. In view of the existing problems, law enforcement officers proposed rectification on the spot. In the next step, Hangzhou will continue to focus on cold drinks, food and beverages, and strengthen the supervision of catering units involved in ice cream production and sale. If citizens have clues to food safety violations, welcome to call 12315 and 12331 to report complaints.
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