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Is the coffee vending machine doing well?


Do you make money running a coffee vending machine? First of all, we need to calculate the input cost. To operate the traditional retail industry, we must first have a store. Rent, water, electricity and so on are the input of the cost. We also need the staff to guard the store, carry out the cashier settlement, purchase and exchange of goods, and pay attention to the loss of goods in the store at any time, which requires a lot of time and energy. The vending machine does not need to be on duty, so the goods can be prepared in advance to avoid the loss and loss of goods. The vending machine operates 24 hours and can maximize the passenger flow. One person can manage multiple vending machines with low cost.

Operating coffee vending machines, the most important thing is to put the geographical location and sale of goods. Business districts, subway stations, schools and other places with large flow of people can quickly obtain customers and increase sales volume; the choice of products should be in line with the consumption level of local business districts, as well as the purchase grade and habits of consumers. For example, in schools and supermarkets, the products are mainly drinks and snacks, and the sales situation will be better. In office buildings or central business districts, due to the high-end people The choice of freshly ground drinks will be more favored by consumers.

From the perspective of coffee shop merchants, the biggest advantage of coffee vending machine is cost saving, small floor area, saving site rent; no need for manual duty, saving labor costs, 24-hour operation, but also can obtain more passenger flow. Within the scope of coffee shop radiation, the coffee vending machine can accurately obtain customers, which can be regarded as a low-cost high-quality channel. With the popularity of mobile payment and the development of artificial intelligence, the system of coffee vending machine is more and more advanced, which can analyze the consumer behavior, so as to adjust the inventory and replenishment in time.

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