Introduction of bulb drinks and hand Chinese pizza guy stores in New York

by:Hommy     2020-07-18
The streets of New York this summer, according to the American Chinese for more than a shape novel drinks, its appearance is like a classic incandescent bulbs, different is not filled with filament, but color kinds of drinks. The bulb beverages from home to Taiwan to New York is only 28 years old guy Zheng Libin fuzhou, with a pioneering spirit and original view, he on snacks and bold innovation, and eight avenue in brooklyn to open characteristics snacks and soda fountain, in a short span of three months drinks sold nearly fifty thousand bottles of bulb. Born in 1988 Zheng Libin from fuzhou, fujian province, China immigration to the United States at the age of 14, although high school soon to enter the United States, but because of differences in language and culture, school is not ideal. High school for two or three years, found himself not reading material, abandoned their studies. Even so, the natural disposition is lively of he was seized with the idea of doing business in reading, had tried to sell shoes on campus. After graduation, Zheng Libin began studying according to the wishes, family do Italian pastry with meal. Well Zheng Libin to Florida opened a day after meal restaurant. But because of the lack of experience, opening a year did not earn too much money. Soon the money back in New York, he took to sell restaurant side near the university of New York investment a milk tea shop, side to continue doing business day meal. Although milk tea shop, but because the competition is intense, day meal is not too optimistic. In order to find new business opportunities, Zheng Libin began full inspection, the fire was found by successively over Taiwan street lamp drinks and hand pizza. Zheng Libin said, 'since everybody breakthrough on taste, I was on the taste breakthrough at the same time also seeking to improve on the packaging, will attract more people, the market will be bigger, so they started to do lamp cup drinks. 'Zheng Libin think pizza is in the United States is highly accepted food, improved its taste is more unique, at the same time, the American people have always been very strong demand for cold drinks, milk tea and light bulb good fun, customers drink drink after coming home can also do the empty bottle of flower arranging container, or a graffiti on it for some personal creation become unique small adorn article. On balance he was looking for the other two partners, 54 in eight avenue street opened the shop together. Not only just three months sold nearly fifty thousand bottles of beverage bulb, more attracted nearly 20 franchisees the door to ask. Zheng Libin said that the first generation of immigrants mostly saddled with large amounts of debt, they dare not also can't go to rush. Second generation immigrant need more thinking, need to have more originality. Your own business, is to do something different with others, searching for new opportunities. He wants his generation not only has new ideas, new action is more.
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