Ice Maker-Large ice maker-Large ice machine-Household ice maker

by:Hommy     2019-12-13
Due to the large amount of ice making, the corresponding refrigeration system needs to be matched, and the use requirements of industrial ice makers are also quite different, it often needs to go through non-standard products, refrigeration and corresponding circulating water, electric control system design, factory prefabrication and on-site assembly, so it needs to have strong professional and technical capabilities, at present, there are relatively few domestic industrial ice makers. Most of the products with small amount of ice in commercial ice machines are sold by factory-made molded products and can be used by connecting the power supply. Ice makers with large amount of ice are generally split type, and now small and medium-sized commercial ice makers are more competitive in the domestic market. As China's traditional lifestyle is different from that of Western countries, domestic ice machines have not yet formed a large-scale market in our families, and the production enterprises of domestic ice machines in our country are mainly aimed at foreign markets.
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