Ice cream purchase

by:Hommy     2019-12-16
1. Packaging, consumers must first look at whether the ice cream is stored in good condition when purchasing- In the freezer below 18 °c, whether the outer packaging is intact, whether there is penetration or defect, whether the manufacturer is marked on the package, whether the QS mark is marked, whether the effective date of the product is within the expected date of consumption, etc. 2. Shape. Finally, take a look at whether the shape of the product has changed. If the product has changed shape, it may be during transportation or storage, due to the high temperature, the product is frozen again after melting, which is also likely to cause the reproduction of microorganisms to exceed the standard and the taste to deteriorate. 3. Ice cream with good taste is cool and delicate in taste, smooth in taste, sweet and refreshing, unique in aroma, uniform in milky white or uniform in color and color, no deformation, no soft collapse, no shrinkage, no damage to the coating, no freezing and fastening. 4. Brand, consumers first choose the products of famous brands and large enterprises when purchasing. Most of the production enterprises of famous brand products have advanced production equipment, good sanitary environment and strict operating procedures, the product quality and service quality are good, which can ensure the safety and reliability of the product.
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