Ice cream practice

by:Hommy     2019-12-17
How to make simple ice cream: 1. Pour the light cream into the container and beat it to seven minutes with a blender; 2. Add milk to the cream of seven cents; 3. Put the washed and cut fruit and sugar together, and stir the mixture evenly; 4. Slowly pour the ice cream into the ice bucket and start the ice cream switch; 5, about 20 minutes after the ice cream is roughly completed; 6, you can use the mold to make your favorite shape, or take it directly, put it into the container, you can eat it. How to make yogurt ice cream 1. Mix yogurt ice cream powder with a proper amount of purified water according to the blending suggestion, stir evenly, and then stand still for 15 minutes; 2. Pour the adjusted ice cream powder into the yogurt ice cream machine to make the cake; 3, from the ice cream machine to play yogurt ice cream, you can add fruit, candy, dried fruit and other accessories can be eaten;
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