Ice cream: originated in China

by:Hommy     2019-12-15
Ice cream is popular all over the world, but many people think that China is imported from foreign countries. In fact, the earliest ice-made cold drinks originated in China. At that time, the emperors took the ice and stored it in the cellar in order to relieve the heat, and then took it out in the summer. By the end of the Tang Dynasty, people used saltpeter to cool the water to ice, and from then on people could make ice in summer. In the Song Dynasty, businessmen also added fruit or juice to it. Merchants in the Yuan Dynasty even added fruit pulp and milk to the ice, which is very similar to modern ice cream. The method of making ice cream was not until the 13th century by Italian traveler Marco? Polo brought to Italy. Later, there was a man named Charles in Italy, in Marco? Polo brought back the formula with orange juice, lemon juice and so on, which is called 'Charles letter' beverage. In 1553, when King Henry II of France got married, he invited a chef who could make ice cream from Italy. His cream ice cream opened the eyes of the French. Later, an Italian passed the formula of ice cream to France. In 1560, a private chef invented a semi-solid ice cream in order to change the taste of the Queen. He mixed cream, milk and spices and carved patterns, make the ice cream more colorful and delicious. In the future, there will be more and more kinds of ice cream and it will become a kind of food that everyone likes.
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