Ice cream makes IKEA earn 12 million more a year!

by:Hommy     2020-05-13
After visiting IKEA for so many times, you probably do n’t think: If you make a list of IKEA ’s best-selling list, the number one may not be sofas, lamps, racks, but ice cream cones for one yuan at the exit. In 2015 alone, IKEA China sold 12 million cones. Founded in 1943, IKEA has become the world ’s largest furniture and homeware company, selling 10,000 products. China has become one of IKEA ’s largest purchasing markets and one of the most important spaces for business growth. In IKEA ’s global strategy Has a decisive position. IKEA sells 1 yuan of ice cream in various countries and regions. Some people asked why IKEA wants to sell 1 yuan of ice cream. What is the purpose behind it? Won't you lose money? 1 IKEA ice cream is priced at 1 yuan in China and 1 yuan in Germany, but the unit is Euro. Won't a RMB 1 ice cream lose money? What is the logic behind? 2 Peak-end law: People's impression of one thing can often only remember two parts, one is the strongest experience in the process, peak; one is the last experience, end. Other good and bad experiences in the process have almost no effect on memory. IKEA's shopping route is also designed according to the 'Final Law'. Although it has some bad experiences, such as 'terrain' is complicated, even if you only buy one piece of furniture, you need to walk through the entire mall. For example, there are few staff and you ca n’t find help. For example, you have to move the goods from the shelves yourself, and you have to wait in line. Team checkout and so on. But its peak-end experience is good, and its 'peak' is a small surprise in the process, such as a cheap and easy-to-use wall clock, a good-looking wool blanket, and the famous Swedish meatballs; what is its 'end'? It's an ice cream of 1 yuan at the exit! 3 For many people, this IKEA shopping experience is not complete before eating one ice cream. Normal people can't resist this delicious dessert that is much lower than the market price According to its survey, up to 30% of customers visit IKEA only for the purpose of eating meatballs and ice cream. And for those who are really running for furniture, while holding yellow and blue shopping bags in their hands, they also secretly hold ice cream in their hearts. Before leaving IKEA, no one will forget to buy ice cream, and eating just one is not enough. 4 The 1 dollar cone looks like a loss, but it brings an excellent end experience to IKEA This is the cheapest ice cream you can find. After this long and hard shopping trip, why not give yourself a treat? If there is no ice cream at the exit, their final experience may be poor; but with ice cream, you will feel that today you finally get a best deal. When you recall the trip to IKEA again, you will not remember the feeling of pain and exhaustion, only that the overall itinerary is great. IKEA believes that customers will definitely come back the next time they need ice cream at a reasonable price. And as long as people come, are you afraid that you will not buy $ 1,000 in furniture? It is indeed a very smart strategy to appease people with IKEA ice cream, but this is only one of its tricks. Another important role of ice cream is to convince you that IKEA things are cheap. 'Look at their ice cream, it is almost free of charge; their furniture production is very huge, and it must be this low-margin sales method. I will definitely get the best price ...' Ice cream pricing has laid the foundation for your overall psychological feelings. After a rational analysis, you have been convinced that IKEA is almost selling their products at cost
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