Ice cream machine precautions

by:Hommy     2019-12-14
For many friends who want to start an ice cream shop, how can they buy an economical ice cream machine. It is the first condition for the success of the store. There is no good ice cream machine to make ice cream with delicate taste. For an ice cream tea shop, there is no good taste of ice cream waiting for it can only be closed, the following look at the ice cream machine information: ice cream machine classification: vertical ice cream machine, desktop ice cream machine, ice cream machine type: soft ice cream machine, hard ice cream machine, as for what kind of ice cream machine to buy according to personal needs, if you are in a large flow of people to open a shop. It is recommended to buy an ice cream machine with a larger output. The output of the ice cream machine is generally calculated according to the rise. The core component that affects the output of ice cream machines is compressors. At present, many domestic ice cream machine manufacturers adopt imported compressors. Well-known compressors are: Taikang compressor, Aspara compressor aspera. ,(Valley wheel, Biesel)Are large compressors, enburak (Embrac)Compressor, Danvers (Danfoss)Compressor, ankang compressor. Domestic compressors: Haili, Snow White, Gree, Jianchuan, jiaxibella, Dongbei and Qianjiang have two indicators to measure an ice cream machine: the number of ice creams continuously, the time of each refrigeration cycle, according to the test results, the refrigerating capacity of the ice cream machine using imported compressor 1p is equal to that of domestic 1. 5 p. The output of ice cream with this refrigerating capacity is about 24 liters. Only when the number of continuous production is large will the customer wait in line for a long time, and the cycle cooling time is short to ensure the number of continuous production. This two is each other. Ice cream machine after-sales protection and machine stability are also indicators that determine the purchase, as long as the machine will have problems. The key is to see if there is a problem with the ice cream machine. Is there a perfect after-sales customer service phone to eliminate the problem. In our factory, we can see many ice cream machines doing destructive tests. It is to let the motor and the gearbox work for a long time, and then judge whether the gearbox seal is qualified. It is better to buy an ice cream machine and visit it on the spot so that the seller can open the ice cream machine shell and look at the internal accessories. It is best to let the seller try it out and try the ice cream taste. In this way, we can better understand the performance of the ice cream machine and understand it intuitively.
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