Ice cream machine pre-cooling function explain

by:Hommy     2019-12-18
Explanation of Pre-cooling function of ice cream machine Pre-cooling function English words: Pre cooling functions many customers will hear the sales staff say that the ice cream machines we sell have Pre-cooling function when ordering and consulting ice cream machines, what is the pre-cooling function of the ice cream machine? What is the role of the pre-cooling function of the ice cream machine? Simply speaking, the pre-cooling function of the ice cream machine refers to the fresh-keeping function of the ice cream machine raw materials, especially in summer, this function is quite important. The pre-cooling function model of Dongbei ice cream machine is advanced in technology, it can ensure that the raw materials do not change the taste for a long time, and enhance the storage time of the ice cream machine in the uncooled state. The ice cream machine pre-cooling function can reduce the ice cream raw material to a low temperature of 5 degrees, and speed up the ice cream molding time, therefore, the ice cream machine with pre-cooling function is more efficient and time-consuming than the ice cream machine without pre-cooling function. Explanation of pre-cooling function of ice cream machine, ice cream machine with pre-cooling function only, such as Dongbei BH7256C ice cream machine. This is not to say that when we use ice cream, we can not clean the machine for a long time. If this is the case, it is wrong. At present, many network manufacturers publicize and confuse the ice cream machine with pre-cooling function. Generally, the cleaning-free pasteurized ice cream machine has the function of disinfection and sterilization, and the cleaning-free time is about one week. This type of machine belongs to the real cleaning-free type, such as Dongbei BGB8290A ice cream machine. The ice cream machine has a pre-cooling function, which can effectively extend the storage time of raw materials, but we still need to clean the machine frequently, because the ice cream machine is a milk ingredient, contains a lot of milk, and the storage time of milk is relatively short, after becoming a slurry, the storage time is shorter. If it is not used in time, long-term storage will turn sour, which will affect and breed bacteria even at low temperature. If people eat ice cream with bacteria, it will affect their bodies. When consumers buy ice cream machines, please carefully distinguish between on-demand purchases.
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