Ice cream machine cold of reason

by:Hommy     2019-12-29
The ice cream machine may not be cold in the work, mainly in the following situations; 1. Compressor failure ice cream cabinet does not refrigerate. It may be that the overheat protector of the compressor is broken, but there is no problem with the unit. It may also be that the compressor is reimbursed. In this case, it is best to carefully check and repair the leak, then vacuum and dry, refill with a qualified amount of freezer refrigerant. 2. The pipeline is blocked or leaked. If the air in the pipeline is not cleaned when it is evacuated, the water left inside will cause the pipeline to freeze, which will block the normal operation of the pipeline, if there is a leak in the pipeline, there will be no cooling or poor cooling effect. Check out the leak and use detergent to make up for it.
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