Ice cream machine cleaning steps

by:Hommy     2020-05-26
The cleaning and precautions of the ice cream machine refer to: when using the ice cream machine, pay attention to hygiene. After the ice cream machine is used, the cleaning work must be carried out to ensure the hygiene of the ice cream machine. However, many friends do not know how to clean the ice cream machine, and some of them directly clean the ice cream machine in their own way when cleaning the ice cream machine, resulting in unclean or minor problems. You can also refer to the article 'Cleaning and Maintenance of Ice Cream Machine', which is combined with this article to do the cleaning and maintenance work of the ice cream machine. Disinfection and cleaning of ice cream machine The method of making ice cream using an ice cream machine is very simple. Just connect the ice cream machine to the power supply with the rated voltage and current indicated on the nameplate of the machine, and the ice cream machine can be used. The newly purchased ice cream machine must first be disinfected and cleaned. In order to ensure that the ice cream produced meets the hygienic requirements, disinfection and cleaning are necessary and necessary. The ice cream machine is cleaned in two parts: Ice cream machine stirring and freezing cylinder cleaning Unscrew the four nuts fixed on the distributing valve body in front of the machine, remove the distributing valve body, take out the stirring shaft in the freezing cylinder, soak in 84 disinfectant solution at 1:50 for 10-15 minutes, use disinfectant solution Wipe the freezing cylinder once with a clean cloth. After cleaning, use a clean cloth to wipe again. Reinstall the mixing shaft and the distribution valve body. For the structure of ice cream machine and the name of each part, please refer to the structure diagram on the manual of ice cream machine. Cleaning the storage tank of ice cream machine After the ice cream machine is connected to the power supply, put the water containing the disinfectant and food washing liquid into the ice cream machine, wipe the storage tank around with a rag, and press the button marked with the word cleaning on the front operation panel of the ice cream machine. The stirring system of the machine is started. After about 1 minute, the disinfectant or washing liquid in the machine is taken out, and the clean water is poured repeatedly to wash until the received water does not have any odor, then stop (press the stop button). Use a dry rag to wipe the ice cream machine storage tank around
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