'Ice cream' is ice cream, the 'cone, Popsicle, sundae,' how to express?

by:Hommy     2020-07-17
Sorching summer, go out shopping, hand antipyretic, definitely not ice cream on the market also has a variety of ice cream, let a person eye chan chan, mouth. Believe in your friend, who love ice is not a few, then you know what is the English expression of all sorts of ice cream? Eat before learning, let's together and see it! Ice lolly lolly in the sense of the lollipop, so we can use the 'Ice lolly' to represent the popsicles, Ice cream, etc. Lolly is another expression of frozen sucker, we can also use a Popsicle brand name 'Popsicle'. For example: ( 1) 当我小的时候,我最喜欢的零食是冰棍。 When I was a child, my favorite snack is a Popsicle. ( 2) 我可以吃个冰棒吗? I can eat a Popsicle? Ice Cream Ball this is well understood, which means 'Ice Cream', there is a small bit of you need to pay special attention to, when you are in order, would like to have two Ice Cream balls, can't use the Ball at this moment, but to run, run means Ice Cream scoop for example: I want two scoops of Ice Cream. I want two ice cream balls. Ice Cream Cone Cone was meant to Cone, so everyone guess also knew the Ice Cream Cone is 'Cone', is also very easy to remember! 例句:你想尝试新的冰淇淋蛋卷吗? Would you like a we have just introduced to the ice cream cone? 他们骑自行车和卖冰淇淋锥和冰棒。 They rode a bicycle selling cone ice cream cone and popsicles. Sundae often go to KFC eat friend should know 'Sundae' is what we all like 'Sundae'. Sundae there are many members of the family, such as: chocolate sundae chocolate sundae pineapple sundae pineapple sundaes mixed fruit sundae mixed fruit sundae strawberry sundae strawberry sundae for example: I want a strawberry sundae, home a milkshake. I'd like to have a strawberry sundae, don't shake. 圣代是加上巧克力和一个晶片。 The sundae top covered with chocolate and wafer. Milk shake this you should know, that's right is the meaning of 'shake'. A milkshake is a mixture of milk, fruit, ice. First appeared in the United States, the main mechanism of 'shake' and two 'hand shake'. Is traditional shake hand, are generally in a fast food, cold food stores sell, milkshake machine shop selling now now, customers buy now drink now. 例句:你喜欢香蕉奶昔,奶油蛋糕或柠檬果冻吗? You want a banana milk shake, cream cake or lemon jelly? Smoothie Smoothie 'refers to' ice '. Smoothie is a common cold drink, summer and fall best heat. Smoothies are shaved ice machine planer broken grains of ice plus of ingredients, melt in your mouth. Relative to shake, ice ice and more fine, is a favorite of many girls! 例句:我真的很爱另一个奶昔,但是我已经没钱了。 I really want to drink a cup of ice sand, but I have no money. What are the common taste ice cream? The Original flavor, Vanilla, Vanilla, Matcha tea taste of Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Banana flavour, Taro ube, Mango, Mango, Nutty have chopped nuts and raisins Raisin. Today knowledge summary: Smoothie smoothies Milk shake shake Sundae Sundae Ice Cream Cone Cone Ice Cream Ball/run out of Ice Cream Ice lolly/frozen sucker/Popsicle Popsicle
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