Ice cream becomes new favorite in leisure food market

by:Hommy     2019-12-30
With the improvement of people's quality of life in recent years, people are the king of frozen food--The pursuit of ice cream is becoming more and more demanding. A series of high standards and high requirements such as taste, quality and price make China's ice cream industry develop in the direction of 'high, fine and sharp. As a large category in the frozen food industry, ice cream has a wide range of consumption, covers a large number of people, and has high requirements on the production process, quality assurance and changing tastes of products, the ice cream industry has become the most important part of China's frozen food industry. Ice cream is the leader in the snack food industry. 'Summer ice cream is eaten in winter' is a milestone in the rapid development of China's ice cream industry. Up to now, China's ice cream industry has experienced nearly 20 years of development and has gradually formed a unique ice cream industry structure, becoming a famous 'frozen food expert' in China's frozen food industry '. As the 'blowout period' of China's ice cream industry is approaching, several major ice cream producers in China have taken out their own expertise and launched their own products with their own characteristics. Free Italian handmade ice cream has set off an ice cream craze in China's ice cream industry with its unique style and ever-changing taste.
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