How to use the ice machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
1. When grinding hot soybean milk or hot corn juice, do not add too hot water or raw materials. Overheated raw materials and water will quickly increase the internal temperature of the knife set and accelerate the wear of waterproof aprons; 2, because the sand ice machine has a large horsepower, it is a high-speed transfer machine. In order to avoid the improper operation of the Mushroom Head and the bearing, it is necessary to put the cup completely connected to the base, feel the feeling of the cup being stuck and ensure full contact before starting to run. 3. Do not pull out the cup from the base immediately after polishing and shutting down. Wait for the machine to stop smoothly and then take the cup, otherwise the Mushroom Head will be easily loosened or deformed; 4, polished smoothie, soy milk or corn juice should be immediately poured into other containers, do not stay in the Cup, long time soaking will make the knife group aging faster; 5. Clean the Cup immediately after polishing, and clean the residue inside the cup. Remember that only the inside of the cup can be washed during cleaning. Do not wet the gear part of the bottom knife set. After cleaning, the cup is inverted and dried. Sand ice machine is specially designed for making sand ice, cocktail, iced capcino, sorbet, milkshake, yogurt, Sprite strawberry ice, strong banana milkshake, coconut pineapple ice, orange honey papaya sand ice, fresh fruit sand ice small appliances such as smoothies provided by ice drinks. Maintenance rules and methods of sand ice machine is very easy to use, and it also has its own rules and methods in maintenance. The most used ice machine is the cutter head, which is a high-speed cutter head. It pulls all kinds of ingredients into pulp, and the cutter head needs good maintenance and maintenance. The main reason is that the cutter head will emit a lot of heat during operation. After a long time, the motor will automatically start the protection function to a certain extent, which will stop the motor from running. Therefore, we can't use the sand ice machine for a long time. If the surface is very hot, we must stop for a while and wait for the temperature to return to normal before continuing to use it so that we can continue to use it, if we do not do this, it will adversely affect the sealing of the cutter head and the Cup. Because after the temperature rises, all kinds of sealants will slowly dissolve and sublimate. After such damage for a long time, the sealing will be completely lost. So we must pay attention to the temperature problem. Another solution is to use two sand ice machines at a time. If we are commercial and use them frequently, we can implement rotation, let each machine get enough work and rest, thus continuously prolonging the service life of the sand ice machine.
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