How to use sugarcane juicer

by:Hommy     2020-05-16
The most important thing is to buy the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer right. Otherwise, the experience will be too bad, which will affect the user's mood for continued use. How to use the hand-cranked sugarcane juicer? You may wish to take a look at how to use it: 1. For the first use, carefully read the instruction manual to understand its use method to avoid abnormal conditions during use. 2. Check whether the parts are intact, operate it again to see if the machine can be shaken smoothly, and if it can, juice can be started. 3. Prepare the sugar cane needed for juice extraction, remember not to be too little, otherwise you won't be able to try again if you can't squeeze it out for the first time. 4. Peel the sugar cane and place it in the squeezing tank of the juicer. Shake the machine by hand and use the role of rod and roller skate to squeeze out the sugar cane juice by vigorously squeezing. 5. Separate impurities, pour out pure juice, add condiments, a cup of delicious sugar cane juice is ready. 6. Clean and wipe the sugar cane juicer, put it indoors until it dries, cover it with a cloth, and keep it for the next use.
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