How to use soft ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2020-05-16
The hot summer heat is very unbearable, and the cold summer has become the topic that people are most concerned about. Eating ice cream to relieve the heat on a hot summer day is a good choice, but are you willing to go out and buy a glass of ice cream under the hot sun? I am definitely not willing, and I believe most people are not willing, so why not make your own ice cream at home? In fact, as long as you have a soft ice cream machine, everything can be done. So do you know how to use a soft ice cream machine to make a sweet and delicate ice cream? I don't know the children's shoes, let's take a look at the use of soft ice cream machine. Looking back carefully, the obsession with the soft ice cream machine should have originated from the old soft ice cream machine at the intersection of the small town where I grew up. It was just a humble little wooden window with a few crooked words 'ice cream' on it, so every day was full of children who were staring at the wonderful machine and kept spitting. I remember at that time, the best milk ice popsicles were three cents each, and the egg roll cylinder was able to sell for one yuan, but still could not stop the children's enthusiasm, queuing was the most common picture. Frankly speaking, the taste of the ice cream made by the soft ice cream machine in the past was far from delicious. In order to save costs, the store must reduce the proportion of various ingredients. , Far from the sweetness and delicateness of various ice creams today. However, that taste has been with me for several years; and my love of ice cream continues to this day. How to use soft ice cream machine 1. The product is too soft to be molded or is not ideal. The temperature of making soft ice cream is about -7 ~ 8 degrees, the viscosity is the best, and the molding is the best. This temperature is achieved by the freezing cylinder refrigeration system, and whether the freezing cylinder refrigeration system works is controlled by the current of the stirring motor. For some soft ice cream machines, when the control current voltage is lower than 200V (1.8A), the refrigeration compressor and the stirring motor stop working. After excluding the causes of improper operation of ice cream paste, improper product hardness setting, and excessive extrusion speed, it is necessary to check whether the mechanical failure of the soft ice cream machine unit. First check whether the scraper blade of the mixing shaft in the freezing cylinder is damaged? The scraper blade is seriously worn or damaged, and the product that reaches the temperature standard on the wall surface of the freezing cylinder cannot be scraped off, making the extrudate too soft. Secondly, the air-cooled condenser is generally used in the refrigeration system of the soft ice cream machine.If the installation space is limited, there is not enough heat dissipation space around the machine, or the area of ??the condenser is too thick, it will reduce the heat exchange effect of the condenser, and even lead to The refrigeration compressor is stopped. Regularly check the wear of the scraper and replace it in time. The soft ice cream machine unit should be installed in strict accordance with the installation requirements, to maintain sufficient heat dissipation space, the condenser should be located in a well-ventilated location, and the condenser should be cleaned regularly. Second, the ice cream produced has ice residue. How to make the ice cream smooth and smooth taste, how to reduce the generation of ice residue? This will be explained from several aspects of the use of ice cream machine. The ratio of ice cream powder to water is not correct. If you add too much water, please strictly control the ratio of ice cream powder. The slurry is not uniformly stirred, and sufficient stirring time is required. After washing the ice cream machine, the water in the cylinder was not drained. Insufficient rest time. The slurry after being stirred evenly needs to stand for more than 15 minutes (the standing time is slightly longer and better, and it can be stirred multiple times during this period). This process is called aging. You will find that the ice cream liquid becomes thick after aging. This will make the ice cream cake more delicate and puffed. The quality of the ice cream machine or ice cream powder used is not good, resulting in a low puffing rate of the ice cream and a lot of ice residue. Now, seeing museums all over the world and eating soft ice cream machines all over the world are the biggest fun of my travels. In foreign countries, especially in Europe, the best ice cream is never a chain store such as Haagen-Dazs and DQ, but a small workshop of one family, which may be hidden in the alley, a small store It has been in business for hundreds of years. In such an old shop, ice cream production is a unique recipe, there is no substitute. Every day, the gray-haired boss will only produce a limited number of soft ice.
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