How to store ice cream machine properly in winter?

by:Hommy     2020-05-22
?? Due to the impact of the operating environment and climate, some ice cream machines are not suitable for operation in winter. How to store ice cream machine properly in winter? What precautions should be taken to protect the ice cream machine in winter? 1) Disconnect the main power supply on the ice cream machine to prevent possible electrical damage. And wrap the power cord to prevent rodents from biting. 2) Remove the accessories of the ice cream machine (such as blender, scraper, rotating shaft and beater, etc.), clean them, dry and wrap them, and keep them in a dry place. Wrap rubber parts and gaskets with moisture-proof paper. All parts should be thoroughly cleaned so that they do not have any dry milk slurry or lubricant. 3) The entire ice cream machine should be packed in cloth or plastic to prevent too much dust from falling.
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