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by:Hommy     2020-07-05
How to repair freezers | bacterial detection in the freezer in the hot summer, freezers are generally 24 hours running, if maintenance is not good, is prone to failure. So how failure repair, we immediately think of Hommy freezers, professional technology, first-class after-sales service. But time is a few small problems? These basic can be solved, we will see together with freezer price below. Freezer produce peculiar smell is the most common problems, odor came mainly from freezer, freezer defrost defrost sometimes produce peculiar smell. The smell from the freezer, can be directly into the han purple in addition to taste. Can also stop the freezer for a thorough cleaning. The peculiar smell in the freezer, to cut off the power supply, open cupboard door, after defrosting and clean, with the agent or in addition to taste. If there is no in addition to flavor agent, freezers can be scrubbed clean after the tank and accessories. Frost is a poor conductor, conduction coefficient is 1/350 of the aluminum, frost coverage in the evaporator surface, evaporator and heat insulation layer between the food inside ark, effect evaporator and heat exchange between food inside ark, the inside temperature drop down, reduce the cooling performance of freezer, increase power consumption, and even make the compressor to run for a long time and fever, easy to burn out the compressor. In addition, the cream of various food smell, long time don't defrost, freezer emits an odor. In general, the frost layer up to 5 mm thick, to defrost. Know these later, quick-frozen food in the freezer for a long time, also can produce bacteria, so how to check? The following let freezer price give you an example. Check the pathogenic bacteria, such as check directly from food, it is difficult in technology, but from a patient's feces detection is relatively easy. Because this kind of pathogen and dysentery bacteria and intestinal typhoid bacteria belong to intestinal bacteria, widely distributed in the gut of warm-blooded animals, along with the manure be excreted out together. If detected coliform and fecal coliform from your diet, show that the diet has directly or indirectly by objects with man or animal waste pollution. Therefore, so far, the international consistent coliform bacteria and coliform as food pollution indicator bacteria. Number of fecal coliform bacteria, proved that the food contaminated by feces, or is not clean. For shellfish oysters and vegetables, grain foods, generally only use coliform bacteria as indicators. Because inside the coliform group, with the exception of coliform: yu invited ( Citrobacter) , gram coli ( 克雷伯氏菌) And e. coli ( Enterv ter) And so on. 's bacillus, folic acid bacteria, e. coli while also exist in the feces, but in the nature of soil, water, vegetables, grains, also widely distributed, so difficult to use the number of coliform group determine whether these foods are contaminated by feces, and much of coliform exists in human and animal feces, out of the body is the death of a fast, less and distribution in nature, is the species of dung. Therefore, to this kind of heating after intake of frozen food ( No heating) Specifies the coliform bacteria as indicators. For most of the frozen food cannot coliform bacteria, coliform bacteria as indicators. Because of coliform bacteria in freezing conditions will die gradually, made after the food preservation in freezing conditions, not only to detect the coliform group, is also difficult to find evidence in the discharge waste. The above articles from Hommy freezers, offer various kinds of convenience stores freezers, freezer price, medical freezers, supermarket freezers, industrial, hotels, cake, stainless steel, etc. Series of freezer, for details, please login: freezer at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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