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by:Hommy     2020-07-08
How to reduce the supermarket frozen ark setting fog phenomenon? Many supermarkets now frozen ark user responded that such a phenomenon: a year to the rainy weather, the frozen cabinet door will appear a lot of water mist above, this will make the inside of the freezer food cannot show, this kind of the phenomenon of the fog is how come? Hommy small make up to collect the knowledge to explain the reasons and ways to prevent: the condensate phenomenon is mainly due to fog in rainy weather environment humidity is high in the air, combined with the environment of the hot summer, the surface of the glass door freezer door temperature is lower, when frozen ark opens the door, low temperature glass plate in the hot air can produce fog condensation phenomenon. The following 3 points can teach people how to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon. 1, will be better placed in ventilation cabinet position, so effective to reduce the phenomenon of the fog. 2, if there is the phenomenon of the fog, above the door turn the temperature of the frozen ark as high as you can. 3, if the glass door to appear the phenomenon of condensation clouds above, use detergent clear water clean glass surface, also can reduce the phenomenon of the fog. The above articles from Hommy refrigerated cabinets, supermarket frozen cabinet for storage, for storage, supermarket, for details, please login: frozen ark at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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