How to Make watermelon ice cream?

by:Hommy     2019-12-07
The main ingredients are 100g watermelon, 2 spoons milk powder and 2 egg yolks. Step 1. Use a small spoon to take out the watermelon and put it in a bowl; 2. Put it in the crusher and break it; 3. Filter out impurities with a small spoon; 4. Leave watermelon juice for later use; 5. Two eggs are opened, leaving only egg yolks; 6. Stir into egg yolk; 7. Prepare milk powder; 8. Boil water in the pot, mix the milk powder after the water is opened; 9. Turn off the fire and slowly pour the egg yolk liquid, not too fast, too fast to become egg soup; 11. The prepared watermelon ice cream can be enjoyed. Tips because watermelon is sweet of milk powder also with sweet ice cream No in addition sugar like sweet of can in 8th step sugar.
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