How to make ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-16
Ice cream is made by mixing the raw materials into slurry, heating and sterilizing, emulsifying and freezing together. The key is to freeze the mixture under intense stirring. Under intense stirring, the air can be evenly distributed in the mixture in the form of small bubbles, and a considerable amount of water becomes tiny ice residue, making the ice cream taste good in the mouth. In order to freeze the slurry in constant stirring, it is best to use a household ice cream machine to make ice cream. The household ice cream machine is a small machine, mainly composed of a low-power motor and a stirrer. Work on the refrigerator. The slurry is poured into the mixing box, the lid is closed, the refrigerator is frozen, the refrigerator door is closed, the power supply is turned on, the mixing blade is driven by the motor and continuously stirred, and the tail of the mixing shaft has a spring device that plays an important role, when the puree is frozen, the resistance increases, and the stirring blade rebounds with the spring device and is no longer stirred, and ice cream is made. If you don't have a home ice cream machine, you can use a hand ice cream machine to make ice cream. Pour the puree into a covered metal barrel and connect the upper end of the barrel to the manual stirring blade. The metal barrel is covered with a wooden barrel. A mixture of salt and ice is placed between the metal barrel and the wooden barrel, because salt can reduce the freezing point of water, which can obtain an environment of minus 10 degrees Celsius in this way. The puree solidifies at this temperature, and the handle of the metal tube continuously rotates the gear to drive the stirring blade to continuously stir, so that the ice cream with fine taste can be successfully made under freezing conditions. To make a good ice cream, it is best to take it out with an ice cream scoop. The ice cream scoop consists of a stainless steel spring and a grip ball. Use it to dig out the ice cream from the ice cream bucket and turn it over to the top. Pinch the spoon handle and push the shell wall with a spring wire shell inside, so the ice cream becomes a ball and falls into the plate. The simplest way to make homemade ice cream without an ice cream machine is to pour the prepared mixed puree into a container and put it in a refrigerator for freezing. When the edge around the container is frozen, stir it evenly with chopsticks to make it a paste with uniform hardness, and then put it into the freezer to continue freezing. Stir three times before hardening. Until frozen into a semi-solid, take it out and stir it again, then put it in the refrigerator, and you're done in half an hour.
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