How to make a delicious and crisp ice cream cone shell

by:Hommy     2019-12-10
Summer is the craziest day for cold ice cream, and ice cream shops have sprung up like mushrooms. However, some stores are thriving, while others are deserted. How can the ice cream shop be booming? It is inseparable from freshness and creativity. Fresh ice cream and fresh and creative ice cream cone shells will attract more diners to taste. Many shopkeepers want to know how the ice cream cone shell is made? What is it made? The following Fu Guang answers for you: Essential: ice cream cone oven, egg tray powder, purified water, Blender, spoon one step: 1, egg tray powder: Water = 1:1, stir into slurry 2, open the egg oven to about 150 degrees and Preheat 2-5 minutes; 3. Put a spoon of 1 slurry on the oven and bake it for 1 minute. 4. Roll the baked egg roll with a mold. (The mold has a cone, a column, and a blue shape) The egg rolls made are good in color, fragrance and taste, sweet and delicious, crisp and crisp. Try it!
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