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by:Hommy     2020-07-08
Many don't understand the supermarket freezers industry in order to facilitate the customers, we summarized the judge several conclusions of the supermarket freezers quality, provide customers with a good shopping experience. First, look at his appearance. To ensure the supermarket freezers specifications is reasonable, the supermarket freezers tonal relatively satisfied, surface smooth, flat, no scratches and shaking. Internal structure must be soft, no cracks and the tiny bubbles and hearing the balance everywhere, no smell and timing. Supermarket freezer door round outside should be flat, parts should be solid, cupboard door should not lean, clearance between the axis of rotation and the pin should be completely matched. Foam fluid does not leak in drinks cupboard door, supermarket freezers and contact part of the threshold. Second, run the tests. The host after electrify. Considering the door is closed when the magnetic force of adsorption, supermarket icebox near the door on the edge of the door will be closed, so should not find space. Then check that the refrigeration compressor. When the power is connected to the host, you can immediately start and open operation mode. After the host power, cabinet must be shut down immediately. After the resumption of air conditioning compressor must be started in a second and immediately put to use. Third, check the supermarket freezers. Start after 5 min, contact with the hand supermarket freezers condenser. Want to have the feeling of hot, fever as soon as possible. Open cupboard door, as long as met evaporator needs of cool feeling. Even if the supermarket freezer door about 20 min or so, part of the condenser has been very hot, open the doors of drinks cabinets, looked at the evaporator. The evaporator must have a light frost. If uneven frost, or in some parts of found no frost, supermarket refrigerator characteristics of icebox is not very good. Customers can put in freezer in the supermarket a few bowl of cold water, then adjust the drinks cabinets to freeze mode. Cooling time and efficiency can be used to confirm the supermarket freezer refrigeration working capacity and refrigeration compressor characteristics. Fourth, the temperature controller. Turn off the thermostat adjustment to part, cold compressor must be shut down immediately. To adjust cooling parts, refrigeration compressor should continue to run; Immediately run for a while, and then in the time interval can be turned on and off. At this moment the freezer temperature should not exceed 5 & deg; C, environment temperature of the freezer to reach 5 star. Refrigeration compressor start should not 6 - every hour Nine times. The fifth listen to sound. Refrigeration compressor has just started, supermarket freezer will be shaking a little, work noise, but not more than 45 db noise. This is equivalent to in the quiet of the indoor environment, in about 1 meters only hear a clicking sound. There can be no sound in the distance. With the hand touch of air-conditioner don't need to be very obvious vibration. Sixth, check the light. Open the refrigerator door, light supermarket freezers lamp. Supermarket of air-conditioner is basically is the door shut, said the light went out. The above article is the result of Hommy freezers, the company specializes in providing freezers prices, freezers, supermarket freezers want to know more information such as air-conditioner, please visit: https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 0086 - 750 - 808分机6316991
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