How to eat strawberry ice cream?

by:Hommy     2019-12-07
Strawberry ice cream not only brings the most smooth taste between people's lips and teeth, but also brings a fashionable ice cool experience to urban white-collar workers and romantic couples, and also brings fairytale warmth to children, it can bring a new health care experience to the middle-aged and elderly people who are pursuing health and longevity. Gently put the strawberry ice cream in your mouth, close your eyes, and carefully taste it, like the red on the face of the girl's first love, even if the time goes, the Moonlight candle shadow mingles with it, and the psychedelic rainbow on the side of the day after the rain will return to the cheek; It is a warm and Romantic Love Like Blood, a silent drop of water after a long separation, a mysterious dress after the vicissitudes of life, and a mystery as beautiful as Sphinx . . . . . . Ah, you are my freezing Princess--Strawberry ice cream. Strawberry ice cream, using FDA-certified special ice cream powder. SHOW by black ice- COOL ice cream maker operates HBK7232 computer numerical control ice cream machine on site and is made of 'ultra-low temperature', which can not only keep the effective nutrition and health ingredients of ice cream from losing, at the same time, it can maintain the natural, fresh and fragrant taste of strawberries, making the ice cream taste more pure and mellow. Strawberry ice cream can be freely added with pure cream or healthy vegetable oil according to the taste and needs of consumers. Strawberry ice cream tastes pure, delicate and smooth; The ice cream made with vegetable oil is natural, healthy, low-fat and low-sugar, and will not increase the high-calorie intake. It is widely favored by the cool, stylish and personalized beauty lovers. Strawberry ice cream, leading by adopting international advanced production technology and equipment, adopts 'ultra-low temperature' quick freezing treatment in the production process, and cooperates with special material formula to greatly extend the shelf life of the product (Can not melt at room temperature for more than half an hour). Traditional ice cream should not be stored at low temperature ( Otherwise, there will be ice slag phenomenon and ice phenomenon, completely changing the taste) However, yogurt-flavored ice cream is full of personality, fresh and nutritious, low in fat and sugar, nourishing and nourishing, not greasy to eat more, and healthier to eat, which is in line with the trend of modern healthy consumption. Not only suitable for the current sale, now eat (Hall eat) And suitable for wholesale, into the supermarket, take-away home preservation. Making materials, strawberry ice cream contains aspartic acid and tannic acid, which can naturally and peacefully remove heavy metal ions in the body, adsorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals, and has anti-cancer effect; Rich fragrance, sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition, deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. Raw materials: 1 egg, 80g refined granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon corn flour, 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup whipped cream, a small amount of vanilla extract, 150g strawberry, a proper amount of foamed whipped cream, strawberry (Decorative)6-8, a little mint leaves. Practice 1. Pour the eggs into the bowl, add 30g of refined granulated sugar and stir well. After the eggs turn white, add corn flour and stir well. 2. Put the remaining refined granulated sugar, milk and whipped cream into the pan, stir well with a wooden spoon and heat until it is ready to boil. 3. After flameout, add a little bit of egg juice and stir well, then move into the pot and heat with medium heat until thick. 4, the bottom of the pot is close to the ice water, stir and cool, after cooling, add vanilla extract and stir, move into the stainless steel flat mold, put into the refrigerator to freeze 1-2 hours. 5, when it is about to freeze, keep stirring and then freeze, so repeat 3-4 times; When stirring for the last time, add fresh strawberries and freeze after stirring.
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