How to deal with the failure of ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2020-05-28

When the ice cream machine is working, the following situations may occur: such as leakage, noise, softness and hardness (that is, the hardness does not reach the set temperature) and other failures. In fact, there are many problems with the ice cream machine accessories.

First, missing material: When it is found that the ice cream machine has any missing material, first check the location of the missing material. 1) If the discharge valve is leaking, check whether the screw of the discharge valve is loose. If it is, tighten it, or check the sealing ring of the discharge valve, and replace it if damaged. 2) If there is a leakage at the discharge port, then the stem seal ring must be replaced. 3) If the material leaks at the machine foot, check whether the sealing sleeve of the ice cream machine accessories is worn, and replace it in time. 4) If there is leakage or oil marks on the reducer, it may be time to replace the reducer.

Second, the machine is noisy when working: 1) One of the reasons may be that there is less material in the material cylinder of the machine, just check the feeding. 2) If ice cream has not been made for a long time, the material in the tank may be frozen. Stop the machine and restart it after about 20 minutes. 3) If the machine is working for a long time, the motor belt may be loose. Tighten the motor belt of the ice cream machine accessories to a suitable position.

Third, the soft hardness can not meet the requirements: 1) One of the reasons may be that the ratio of materials is incorrect, and readjust the ratio of materials. 2) The heat dissipation of the machine may not be good. If the number of ice cream machines does not increase while the ice cream machine is working and the body around is hot, it is necessary to determine whether the machine is not cooling well. Move the ice cream machine to a well-ventilated place.                 

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