How to choose an ice cream machine?

by:Hommy     2020-05-25
How to choose an ice cream machine should pay attention to a few factors: (1) The ice cream machine should have a good and stable expansion rate (the main purpose is to ensure the quality of the ice cream product made) (2) Stability and effect of freezing (good appearance and taste) (3) The output of the ice cream machine (the output of the ice cream machine is related to the power of the compressor and the cooling time) (4) The failure rate of ice cream machine is low to ensure the normal operation of the machine (5) Whether the manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service measures and policies The choice of ice cream machine depends on the location of your store and what flavor of ice cream you want to make. The desktop ice cream machine is suitable for general small stores and places where the flow of people is not particularly large. This machine is placed on the bar to operate, choose the market There are many choices for vertical ice cream machine. Vertical ice cream is better than desktop ice cream machine in terms of heat dissipation performance and structural structure.
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