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by:Hommy     2020-07-05
Due to the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. At the early stage, low temperature freezer sales including frozen food wholesale and retail, etc. Frozen food retail car sales mainly by retailers and retail stores, in recent years, the supermarket in the city, has already become the main sales channels of frozen food. Supermarkets in the freezer, the function of both cold storage and sales. Want to choose suits own low temperature freezer, we have to know the low temperature freezer all sorts of relevant knowledge. Under the condition of market economy, the commercial system, light system, foreign trade system, aquatic systems are fragmented production frozen food, no unified industry standards and specifications to follow, how to manage disordered state, so that the quality of frozen food is uneven, the actuality of quality is uneven, frozen food problems: another across most of the frozen food production enterprises to adopt the original cold storage, low temperature freezer, such as production of frozen food, no continuous rapid freezing equipment, also have no unified standard and product quality specification, as a result causes slow freezing flooding the market, reduce the quality of frozen food, damage the reputation of frozen food. Food cold storage by freezing processing, cold storage, refrigerated and frozen sales four aspects: including meat, fish, cooling and freezing; Precooling of fruits and vegetables and all kinds of frozen food processing and so on. Mainly related to cooling and freezing equipment. Also include the fruit and vegetable of ca storage. Mainly involved in all kinds of cold storage, refrigeration freezer, freezing freezer and household freezer, etc. Frozen storage: including the refrigerated and frozen food. Therefore, refrigerated transport, including food, long-distance transportation and short-distance delivery, etc. Mainly related to railway refrigerated trucks, refrigerated car, reefer, reefer container such as low temperature freezer transport. Temperature fluctuations in the process of transportation is one of the main cause of the decrease of the quality of the food. Transport must have a good performance, not only to keep low temperature freezer, more large temperature fluctuations of avoid by all means, especially long distance transportation. Choose the suitable low temperature freezer, its maintenance and maintenance is particularly important to extend the life and the normal use, if not accurate temperature control the saved objects often lead to damage to cause great influence to the experimental results, thus affect the normal work. When blackout accident, must close the freezer at the back of the power switch and battery switch, wait for when the power is back to normal, first open the freezer at the back of the power switch, then open the battery switch. Pay attention to the heat dissipation is very important for freezer, keep indoor and ventilated and good cooling environment, environment temperature should not exceed 30 c.
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