How to choose a suitable ice machine

by:Hommy     2020-07-05
Ice machine applications, users should pay attention to when buying ice maker, said that how to choose appropriate ice machine today. General industrial ice and edible ice, different types need to choose a different ice machine. 17 new YK - 258 f snowflakes ice machine from YongBingLiang for, a day to hundreds of kilograms of dozens of kilograms of ice or ice, these are all need to consider, in general, buy ice machine, are based on the amount of ice and water amount of demand to buy. Buy ice machine, also need to consider the shape of the ice. Ice particles of ice, a square and a crescent ice price each are not identical in different shapes. Daily output and water quantity about ice machine, crescent ice machine relatively more expensive, square ice relatively cheaper. 17 new YK - Square ice one-piece ice machine (160 p Best-selling products) Buy ice machine, it is important to the quality and speed of the ice. Or three days two head out of the question, or need to wait for a long time to the ice, and affect the normal demand thed loss outweights the gain. Pure ice machine optimal kay bucket type refrigeration, specializing in the production of ice machine, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration stability, ex-factory price wholesale price, affordable, and door-to-door after-sales service network covering the whole country, let you buy felt relieved, with enjoyable.
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