How to choose a sand ice machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-09
Sand ice machines are generally used in bars, tea shops, water bars, etc, it is specially provided for making cocktails, iced capcino, sorbet, milkshake, yogurt, Sprite strawberry ice, strong banana milkshake, coconut pineapple ice, orange honey papaya sand ice, fresh fruit sand ice and other ice drinks. an electrical appliance for smoothies, it is one of the must-have items in bar supplies. At present, the brands, styles and functions of sand ice machines on the market are endless and dazzling. How to correctly purchase a high-quality sand ice machine? It depends on whether the product identification includes the enterprise name, address, specification, model, trademark, voltage parameter, power parameter, symbol of power supply property, etc; If it is a two plug, there should be a 'back' symbol on the appliance. When purchasing, you can try it out and choose a sand ice machine with a gentle sound and small vibration during operation. Electric products such as sand ice machines generally have safety interlock switches. Only when the barrel container of the product is completely installed correctly can the product operate normally. It is best to choose brand products. In fact, the reputation of choosing a sand ice machine is also very important. A brand recognized by the public is more reliable than any publicity. Before we know the details of a product, we 'd better recognize its brand first, know if it has perfect service.
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