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How to buy and use the fried ice machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
What is a frying ice machine? The frying ice machine consists of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a capillary tube and a filter. Its principle is very similar to that of an air conditioner. It is said that one end is connected with a condenser and then the other end is connected with an evaporator. The air is cooled through the capillary of the inlet section and then transported to the outlet pipe. A fan for forced condenser cooling is installed on one side of the condenser. The price of the fried ice machine is currently divided into two types, one is the household version of the fried ice machine, the price is 99-Between 199 yuan. The price of the commercial version of the fried ice machine is 1800-2100 yuan. You can purchase the corresponding products according to your own needs. According to the principle, which kind of good fried ice machine can be divided into single-pot fried ice machine, double-pot fried ice machine and bucket fried ice machine. In fact, they all have their own advantages. The single pot is more suitable for simple ice-frying operation, while the double pot is more suitable for complex ice-frying speculation, and the efficiency is higher. The barrel-fried ice machine can be added with some other ingredients, which can make the taste of fried ice very diverse. Therefore, it is necessary to determine which kind of ice machine is good according to your own needs. The purchase of fried ice machine 1. When purchasing fried ice machine, be sure to see if the core compressor of fried ice is a new machine. Many businesses have considered the cost and will change the core of the ice-frying machine into a second-hand air-conditioning compressor. Although this can reduce the cost, but the damage to the fried ice is relatively large, if it is such a kernel, it will not be long before there will be no small problem. Only by using a brand-new imported compressor can the stability of the machine be guaranteed for later use. 2, the internal copper tube of the fried ice machine is also a key purchase note, because some copper tubes are spot welded, the interior is not a full copper tube. Instead, some iron pipes are used for welding. Therefore, the temperature of the ice frying machine will not meet the requirements, and the cooling form is far from enough. 3. The internal condenser of the ice-frying machine is the most important thing to buy. It is necessary to choose a condenser with better heat dissipation and then the machine is not easy for drivers. Otherwise, it will cause bad phenomena when the ice-frying machine works at high power, which will cause economic losses to the merchants. 4. Finally, when purchasing the ice-frying machine, be sure to choose the appropriate size and specifications and distinguish what type of ice-frying machine you need so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. It is more economically favorable. How to use the fried ice machine 1. Let the fried ice machine be placed smoothly before use. 2. Turn on the ice frying machine with a voltage of 220v AC. 3. Turn on the main power switch of the ice frying machine. 4. Pour the prepared purified water or cold water measuring cup into the pot. 5. After the bottom of the pot is frozen, use the spatula to gently push forward the bottom of the pot, repeatedly stir-fry the beverage and stir it evenly until it is smoothed. Then shovel it out to the Cup for consumption. 6, because the fried ice machine uses a high-power compressor, the cooling speed is fast. Therefore, when making fried ice, the beverage will stick to the bottom of the pot due to over-freezing, and will not be fried. At this time, defrost should be opened/closed 2-Turn off the switch for 5 seconds until it is easy to shovel. Precautions for the use of ice frying machine 1. Weather has certain influence on the speed of ice frying. 2, the boot will not stop stirring, so that the water in the middle of the pot and the water around the pot is fully exchanged, the icing speed is faster. 3. The machine uses 220 ordinary household lighting electricity. If you are not sure whether the voltage can reach 220, please equip yourself with a voltage stabilizer ( To count the power of all the surrounding power facilities to buy voltage regulators), This machine uses 2 items of electricity (220) , Less than 180 does not start, higher than 250 automatic thermal protection. High voltage bottom also affects the speed of frying ice, please note. 4, the cable can not be too long, use 4 square air conditioning special line. 5, the machine can not be inverted, must be placed 12 hours after receiving the goods--24 hours. 6, the switch can not be frequent. 7. The power must be cut off when not in use. 8. The switch must be pressed for power failure in the middle of use. If it is not pressed out, the current of the incoming call will increase instantly, and the compressor load will not cause the switch to burn out and the compressor will fail. If you encounter a plug-in or need to change the plug-in during use, please press the switch button to change it carefully. 9. The condenser is cleaned once a month. 10. Keep the left and right sides of the machine ventilated and breathable. 11. The machine cannot be placed upside down or tilted above 45 degrees.
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