How to assemble ice cream machine beater?

by:Hommy     2020-05-21
??The ice cream machine beater includes a liquid discharge valve body, a liquid discharge valve stem, a handle, a fastening nut, a handle fixing pin, a modeling cap, and various sealing rings. Do you know how to assemble an ice cream maker beater? Hommy ice cream machine immediately tells you: 1) Install the stem of the discharge valve. Put the sealing ring in the annular groove of the valve stem and apply petroleum jelly. Insert the stem with Vaseline into the discharge valve from the top. Note: There are two types of valve stems, the same two stems are at both ends of the discharge valve, and the different stem is in the middle of the discharge valve, and make sure that the waist openings of all the stems are at the top and open Hole forward. 2) Assemble the outlet valve accessories. Install a large silicone seal ring in the annular groove behind the discharge valve. 3) Assemble the liquid discharge valve. Align the discharge valve with the freezing cylinder, then install the fastening nut, and cross-tighten the nut with the same force to ensure the fastening of the discharge valve. Note: There is a difference in the length of the tightening nut, the upper nut is long, and the lower nut is short. 4) Install the ice cream machine handle and fix it with the handle fixing pin. 5) Install the modeling cap.
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