How should the display cabinet be maintained daily?

by:Hommy     2019-12-10
Many of our users call to reflect that the display cabinet is not easy to appear odor or dirt that is difficult to remove for a long time, so the daily maintenance and cleaning of the display cabinet is very important, today, I will explain to you how to carry out the daily maintenance and cleaning of the display cabinet! After the display cabinet is used for a period of time, the display cabinet should be cleaned regularly. For safety reasons, you need to unplug the power plug before cleaning. First remove the food from the box and use a soft towel or sponge to warm water such as neutral detergent (Two spoons of soda warm water solution)Cleaning box internal. Do not use hard brush, wire brush, and do not use hot water, acid, alkali or detergent powder, gasoline, banana water, acetone and other organic solvents to clean the display cabinet. After cleaning, it should be wiped clean, and the electrical parts can be turned on after drying to avoid electric shock. Then we use a cloth soaked with soapy water to wipe the outside of the display cabinet. The general detergent is limited to the cleaning of the outer surface of the box. The most important point is to regularly remove dust from the compressor and condenser to ensure good heat dissipation conditions of the machine. Regarding the replacement of lighting lamps, we need to know that the lighting parameters are AC 220 V, 22 W; When replacing the lighting lamp first, first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply; Loosen the screw on the lamp partition with a screwdriver and remove the lamp partition; Or remove the side glass at the other end of the light switch and remove the light partition to replace the lighting. When the display cabinet is turned off for a long time and then activated again, we need to unplug the power plug and turn it on again. It takes 3 minutes to turn on the power, so as not to affect the compressor life and cause unnecessary losses. If the display cabinet needs to be deactivated for a long time, first unplug the power plug, cut off the power, then clean the inside of the display cabinet, open the display cabinet door 2 ~ 3 days, dry it to avoid bad smell.
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