How much the height of the pizza oven

by:Hommy     2020-07-19
Most of the time, many clients or students would ask us: teacher: hello, excuse me I buy oven, how tall shelves do right? About this problem, first of all have to consider a few grill, since most customers choose crawler furnace, crawler furnace stack, so late need to consider the question of whether or not to need to increase the oven. If there is only a layer of oven: suggestion will do 1 m height, the height of the shelf for shelf height 1 meter, track distance and about 10 - shelf 15 cm distance, so it is in use, the height of the pizza after in 1. 1 - 1. 2 height, just in the scope of the waist, easy to take. If the oven is 2 layer, or going to the late may increase the oven: this kind of situation, advice will be highly made pizza oven rack in the 60 - About 65 cm, tracks on the bottom of the distance from the mouth height is 80 cm ( And ordinary work station highly consistent) Off the ground, the top of the oven are highly roughly 1 m 5 level. If it is a three layers of oven: ( This kind of situation is compared commonly big pizza shop) Three ovens are usually large stores will only be used in structure, had better set the height of the shelf in the 40 cm, the bottom oven ground about 60 cm, height is in 1 intermediate oven distance. About 1 meter, the top layer height in 1. 7 meters ( Probably just above shoulder)
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