How do commercial ice cream machines distinguish between good and bad?

by:Hommy     2019-12-12
1. Look at the expansion rate of the ice cream machine. The expansion rate of the ice cream machine mainly depends on the quality of the compressor. A good compressor can greatly shorten the production time, improve the puffing rate, and greatly reduce the cost of ice cream production. 2, look at the freezing performance of the ice cream machine, the freezing performance is good, the use effect will be good. Freezing performance is related to freezing machine. Now continuous freezing machine is commonly used in ice cream production. 3, look at the quality of the homogenizer has a direct impact on the quality of ice cream, a good homogenizer will make the ice cream taste fine lubrication. At present, most of the two-stage high-pressure homogenizers are used. 4. Look at the sterilization effect of the sterilizer of the ice cream machine, the heating time of the mixture is short, and the quality of the ice cream is good. At present, high-temperature short-term pasteurization devices are mostly used. 5, look at the ice cream machine report rate, of course, the lower the report rate, the better. The merchant will not tell the buyer what the failure rate is. Here, try to choose big brands and big businesses. For example, the 32L ice cream machine has more than a dozen ice creams than the 18L ice cream machine. 6. Look at the output of ice cream machines. The output represents the production capacity. Buyers certainly like high production capacity. The more ice cream they make, the better. The shorter the interval, the better. The installation and debugging of commercial ice cream machines and the installation of ice cream machines generally require 220 V/50 HZ for the power supply of ice cream machines used in China, while 220 V/60 HZ for foreign countries such as South Korea, some are 110 V/60 HZ such as Japan, etc. If you want to bring domestic machines to foreign countries for use or bring foreign machines to domestic use, after confirming the corresponding electrical requirements, you need to purchase the corresponding converter connection to use it. Connect the wiring of the ice cream machine to three plugs before use, or connect directly to the air switch. When selecting the connection plug, pay attention to the rated input power of the ice cream machine, generally 2. Machines Below 2KW use a 10 amp plug (10A plug)Yes, 2. 2KW-3. 5KW uses a 16 amp plug (16A plug) Then, the corresponding socket should be a 10A or 16A socket. If the socket and plug do not match, it will not be connected, if you use a power supply wiring that is lower than the rated current requirement, it may cause the power cord to heat up or short circuit. If you don't know much about electricity, you can find an electrician to help pick it up. In addition, the ice cream machine using 380V power supply should be wired separately. Please confirm that your place of use can meet the wiring requirements before purchasing. After the ice cream machine refrigeration system is tested and the power supply wiring is completed, the ice cream machine can be debugged next. Please disinfect and clean the ice cream machine before debugging. After the ice cream machine is cleaned, turn on the power, turn on the switch of the ice cream machine, the digital tube displays 00, and press the start button (No discharge) At this time, the number on the LED digital display panel of the ice cream machine will change, and the sound of starting the compressor will be heard in about 5 seconds, and then whether the number on the digital tube will change upward ( If it is a temperature-controlled digital tube, it will show that the temperature is constantly changing downward) When a continuous change occurs, the refrigeration system is operating normally. At this time, it should be stopped immediately, because there is no frozen cylinder for a long time. If there is no change for a long time, there is a problem with the refrigeration system or the control board circuit. The most effective way to check whether the refrigeration system is operating normally is to distribute the valve body of the ice cream machine (Front receiving raft) Plug in, take out the stirring shaft, and directly touch the refrigeration cylinder to feel the temperature change by hand when starting the operation.
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