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Hommy hot-air popcorn machine is equipped with a large electronic screen, which is combined with the picture and text of commodity information. Users can purchase coins and corresponding paper money easily and easily. Without complicated buttons, the operation process is simple and clear. After the coin is put in, microwave heating and fresh explosion are adopted. Consumers at any level can easily purchase without guidance. This high convenience and fresh flavor feature bring better human-friendly physical test to consumers.

     The hommy hot-air popcorn machine connects alarm devices through wireless network. In case of abnormal conditions, the system will automatically send alarm SMS or call to preset number, and timely reflect the state of the machine to ensure the safety of goods. In addition, the use of the whole steel body and anti-theft object box structure greatly improves the anti-theft performance, and even if the equipment is directly damaged, the goods cannot be stolen, It's safer to take no chance.


     In addition, hommy hot-air popcorn machine is equipped with advanced domestic zero change system, which is not affected by the relationship between the size of the received paper currency and the change. While accepting coins, it can accept different denominations of paper money. According to the market changes, the price and operation ideas can be adjusted at any time, and the perfect combination of humanization and intelligence is realized.

     Hommy hot-air popcorn machine is very satisfying to customers in terms of safety, operation, profitability and fresh taste. It will lay a good foundation for the follow-up market, and will achieve explosive development in the future!

Hommy insists on scientific and technological innovation and finally invented the only hot-air popcorn machine in the industry. It has small investment and fast return to the original price. It is a high profit and low risk project, which can be called "entrepreneurship artifact". Welcome customers to negotiate!

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