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Hommy ice cream intelligent sales house


The equipment of Hommy ice cream intelligent sales house has already been popular in the streets. Don't be frightened by this big guy's "amazing" appearance, but it is quite popular and praised by customers.

"24-hour business", "all year round", "self purchase", "scan code payment"

In the future, there will be more consumer choices, such as potato chips machine, popcorn machine, cola machine and other automatic selling equipment, which can meet the needs of various customers and quickly win the favor of consumers, especially the young generation groups.


Market prospect of ice cream house

Ice cream consumption scene changes: from home consumption to implusive purchase, such as convenience chain stores, leisure and entertainment places and street stores

Ice cream from the traditional seasonal consumption to daily leisure consumption, and is given more nutrition, health, delicious. With the increasingly fierce market competition, product taste, packaging and formula have become new measures to break through the brand competition.

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