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by:Hommy     2020-07-15
Air-conditioner dual cooling technology, solve the single cooling way to overcome technical problems, make no refrigeration contained in the blind area. 500 mm wide shelf, to provide customers with more effective display area and more inventories. In each layer of the racks frontier osram special tubes, to enhance the effect of display rack items. Freezers one-piece foaming and strong steel firm foundation, make cabinet put oneself in another's insulation performance better, more solid structure. Strong corrosion resistance of caigang BanGui bile increased the service life of cabinet put oneself in another's position in the body. Freezers full transparent glass side panel, the items contained in the be clear at a glance, enhances the items contained in the display effect. Microcomputer control digital temperature controller, the items contained in the more accurate temperature control, system is more energy-saving. Between the air-conditioner refrigeration cooling load per unit time is between cooling by heat; Or refrigeration in unit time between the cold from the refrigerator. Refrigeration cooling load calculation, its aim is to reasonably determine the correct each cold room cooling load and mechanical load. Cold room cooling load in the midst of all the year round is not a constant, the load size is influenced by many. External environment changes of temperature, for example, in the cold room how much food reserves, the off-season, the differences between the peak of food cold processing capacity, as well as the operation management of many factors, to design cooling load calculation is usually cold storage refrigeration unit of one of the original work. So, reasonably determine the cold room cooling load for refrigeration design is very important. The cooler for cooling load calculation, consideration should be given the most unfavorable working conditions. This is the principle of outdoor calculation. For heat transfer room from indoor to outdoor, because by the outdoor temperature in hot season; And from outdoor to indoor heat transfer room, outdoor temperature of the cold season should be considered. Cold storage in the cold room more heat transfer from indoor to outdoor type. Due to differences in location, different regions, different outdoor temperature; Even in the same area, the seasonal temperature change, and there are many differences between the temperature changes of calendar year also. So, can't simply take one point temperature as the outdoor temperature. Don't often appear because of the extreme temperature continuous time, combined with the domestic refrigerator adopts advanced maintenance structure of thermal inertia is large, its attenuation is very big, will be delay or within the maintenance of the structure of the thermal insulation, insulation from cold storage temperature change. If the extreme maximum temperature, will lead to choose high power machinery and equipment, cause energy waste and unreasonable. Short-term instability can be ignored, as a steady heat transfer. When calculating the warehouse palisade structure heat flow, should use & other; The average daily temperature of summer air conditioning & throughout; 。 The snow refrigeration equipment is a set design, manufacture, sales and service in one of the professional company. Products are: all kinds of fresh cabinet, display cabinet, freezer, air curtain cabinets, ark of cooked foods, fresh cabinet, refrigerator, etc. , free hotline: 4006300692 more information welcome to visit the company website: https://www. hommy。 com
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